Branca Atelier

These photos of designer Alessandra Branca’s Chicago atelier left me weak in the knees.  The stately bookshelves reaching the ceiling and the pops of red throughout—it’s too gorgeous!  What color palette would you choose for your private studio?

(via Traditional Home)

14 comments on “Branca Atelier

  1. jennifer ament

    This is gorgeous!!! Bookshelves are my favorite thing to look at in someones home…(I also like to look in their refrigerator! ) Tells you who that person is…

  2. casey@loft&cottage

    So chic! I love the black bookcases with lights above, red accents, inspiration boards, and of course fresh flowers and the Pellegrino bar. My office is the exact opposite–light with spring greens, khakis and whites. This feels so sophisticated and professional to me. I love it.

  3. Shannon

    I love that red paisley wallpaper and the sconces over the bookshelf. What an inspiring place to work…no wonder her interiors are so lovely!

  4. Katie Armour Post author

    Catherine — The paisley is so Rikshaw : )

    CEO — Isn’t it lovely? I’m inspired to redo my own!

    Casey — Your office sounds gorgeous as well! I’m glad you noticed the lighting, I thought it was spectacular also.

    Fallon — Off to listen to it now!!

    Shannon — A second fan of the wallpaper, I’m glad you like it! I think I would be inspired working here too : )

  5. AnnaMarie

    The bookshelves are so inspiring! I just started a project of making my own floor to ceiling bookshelves and figured out it’s hard work! Silly me to think it would be easy. But these pictures re-inspired me, now I’m ready to pick up the hammer again this weekend!

  6. Lauren

    I have a strong, passionate love for mustardy gold (it reminds me of my late, great grandma and the velvet pillows I inherited from her). I think that in contrast with navy blue would be lovely. My ultimate inspiration room is the living room in Sex and the City II. If I sway from that scheme I would probably use the redecorated living room in Mad Men as an influence. I love the gray and peach with accents of gold and those beautiful white and black chairs. I long for and fear (for my checkbook’s sake) the day that I have my own home to decorate!

  7. LJM

    A lovely office indeed. I could be quite content working out of that space. Love the color palette, the furnishings, and the lighting.

    @Jennifer You would be sorely disappointed looking in my refrigerator. Do agree…’s fascinating looking in someone’s book collection…….a snippet of what has gone into the brain.

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