12 comments on “Crazy Pug Lady

  1. Teresa

    Exactly as you say “So ugly it’s cute” ahahahah. But, hey, it’s a Pug so imagine it would have to be even uglier to not apeal to you :)

  2. Julie LoRusso

    I used to have a pug. And my sister gave me an ornament of a pug that was so ugly it was just ugly :) Really, pugs are usually faces only a mother could love.

  3. Corinna

    GUMPS?! that is only one of my FAVORITE stores (i registered for my china and silver there!) I went on Sunday and bought an engagement and wedding gift- though they were much more affordable than that little puggy. (Did you know that they PLEAT the tissue paper when they gift wrap?! rare to see such attention to detail these days)

  4. geri

    just saw a get well card at trader joe’s with a darling pug on the front. couldn’t help but think of your sweet alfred!

  5. Katie Armour Post author

    Corinna — We are soul mates. I am OBSESSED with Gumps too. Like I want one (or when it comes to china 12…) of everything in that store. We’ll have to go together sometime and cruise the holiday merchandise. They already have their trees up! xo

    Geri — That is SO sweet! Thank you for telling me! I’ll have to be on the lookout next time I go for groceries. LOVE Trader Joe’s. xx

  6. Decor Arts Now

    In the book The Windsor Style by Suzy Menkes, there is a pic of the Duchess in front of a whole sideboard filled with similar Pugs. If you don’t have this book, you need one. Available Amazon. Is there room for one more book? X, Lynn

  7. Reggie Darling

    Hello Katie:
    As a fellow pug owner, it is only with steely determination that I do not find myself living with porcelain pugs on every table and shelf in my house. I have allowed myself to buy a few antique Meissen and Dresden ones over the years, but that’s it. The Meissen ones can be astonishingly expensive (such as the one you found at Gumps), but can very infrequently also be found at far more reasonable prices if you keep an eagle eye out for them. The goal is to only buy the very best quality, as there are lots of cheap nasty ones available, and one doesn’t want to live with anything that is nasty or cheap, (but inexpensive will do!). Am much enjoying your charming blog, and adored the pictures of you and your now husband. Rgds, RD

  8. Lauren Louise

    Heavenly! I fell in love with a pair of ceramic pugs, very similar to these but with an eclectic touch, a black and fawn (to match our little darlings) called Phillip and Audrey by the fabulous Kuehn Keramik. You must do a google search for the little poppets. They are so so fabulous!

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