Personal Style, Let’s Discuss!

I recently revisited these looks from the Celine Fall Winter 2010 show and was struck once again by both their simplicity and inherent chicness.  Despite my admiration of feminine frills, my personal style is much more clean-lined and tailored like the looks above.  Both would make for fantastic backdrops to a leopard print coat : )

How would you describe your personal style?  Are you a jeans and tee-shirt kinda gal?  Trousers and cashmere?  Ruffled flowing dresses or high-waisted pencil skirts?  I want to hear!

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  1. sylvie of silver lining

    what a terrific topic, miss katie :)

    i typically describe my style as “downtown boheme,” – skinny black pants and jeans are frequently coupled with romantic, airy blouses {currently with a touch of lace}, bateau tops or slouchy cashmere sweaters and topped off with a cool cargo jacket or trench and a sweet scarf :)

    a little left bank and a lot of fun :)

    sylvie of silver lining

  2. Brandi

    I would love to say that I’m a dress girl all the time, but frankly, having to walk around campus all day and carry one or two heavy bags with me means that I’m frequently in jeans and a cute top. I save my dresses for the less intense days, usually when I’m baking because they just make me feel so feminine (and they look darn cute with my aprons).

  3. ceo

    My personal style is casual elegant with a pop of color. I am mostly jeans and cardigan girl with a cigarette pants and white shirts…….

    Phoebe Philo is the epitome of chic and I love everything she has done with celine…….


  4. a lovely being

    If I could, I would dress like Betty from Mad Men every day. I love full skirts paired with cardigans, gloves, crocodile bags, pearls… I think I was born in the wrong decade ; )

  5. Kate

    I think I could spend every day in a pair of comfy jeans an an oversized crew-neck sweater or button-up. I’m all about comfort… but when I want to feel a little less like a bum, I would say that my style is a lot like yours! Clean, simple, tailored to fit perfectly… I’ll add the frills with jewelry, bags and coats.


  6. Katie Armour Post author

    These are too fun to read!

    Sylvie — Love the left bank! You inspire me so!

    Brandi — I bet you look adorable in your dresses and aprons, too cute.

    CEO — Cigarette pants are one of my staples too. Can’t go wrong…

    A Lovely Being — I have a feeling you would have given Betty a run for her money : )

    Kate — I love to add frills with accessories too! Smart girl! : )

  7. Jenn

    First off I love the two looks you picked, so chic. I would love to look like that but lets face it those skinny pants don’t do a girl with hips and a tushie any kind of good. I’m more of a dress and skirt girl in fall, spring, and summer but tend to be more of a jeans/pants and classic sweater gal in the winter. I gotta do what I can to stay toasty in the frigid weather.

  8. geri

    hi katie, i worked for nordstrom for 15 years, almost 20 years ago. i knew my style… very classic, skirts, pants, sweaters, my pearls and farragamo bow pumps, you get the idea. for the past 15 years it’s been pretty much shopping at anthropologie. help!!!!!!! that’s one of the reasons, (only one) i read your blog. i am trying to find ” my” perfect style. dress clothes are a no brainer for me. it’s the everyday clothes for errands, lunch, and shopping that i seem to be so bored with. what’s new, fun and to die for, for everyday?


    Clean classics with a twist or a dash of spice….
    Having worked for Ralph and Calvin, we always loved that fresh faced classic clean lines. I do love that look and love a crisp cotton shirt too with a slim or wide leg trouser.

  10. Lauren

    I just recently lost quite a bit of weight (and still only half way there) so I am just starting to really explore my style. Previously it was oversized sweatshirts and jeans. Now that I’m trying to show off my curves, I’m all about “jeggings” and sweaters or knee high socks with cute skirts or dresses and a cardigan. I would love to raid Rachel or even Emma (from Glee)’s closet.

    PS @a lovely being, I too was born in the wrong decade. Mad Men chic is what I thrive for. I’m trying to throw a Mad Men holiday party. Guess who’s going as Joan!!!

  11. Karey

    I’ve always been a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl, but I’m trying to work a more grown-up look, especially since I get mistaken for a high-school student all the time. I’ve found that I really like my denim mini-skirts with almost anything, and I’m drawn towards dresses and blouses with clean lines and thoughtful details. I’m a work in progress and your blog has become an inspiration. I love all the fashion content; it seems I like classics a lot more than I expected!

  12. Lena

    I’m with Fallon-I would totally dress up as Betty Draper any and every day of the week, although that all black ensemble up top looks more like my day to day wardrobe. I’m usually in dark denim or cigarette pants, flats and little boy blazers (really, I find them in the Brooks Brothers boy’s department)!

  13. Maria

    I call my style urban modern prep w/a classic twist: I live in NYC and love brands like jcrew and Kate spade. I’m a professor and always on the go so I need to be comfy; usually you catch me in my 50s style geek chic ray ban eyeglasses, dark rinse jeans, a ladylike shirt (love sleeveless silk shirts!) with a cardigan, and either pearls, funky necklace or bracelet and ballet flats. In the fall/winter, I wouldnt be caught dead without my handknit hats and scarves which reflect my style (I have a hat I made in fair isle w/a navy and coral color combination). In the fall, I swap the jeans for corduroy or denim mini skirts with tights and my riding boots.

  14. monica of hola!design

    I wear jeans and tees( and flip flops) most of the time, but I’m trying to be more feminine and wear more skirts and high heels. also, I’m tired of low rise pants, so I’ve been shopping for some high rise trousers(I’m really sick of wearing jeans!)

  15. Elizabeth Rose

    My favorite casual look is jeans with oxford shirts. Like so many others I wish there were more occasions to dress up! All these designers make beautiful dresses and skirts that I would love to wear but they would look a little silly at a winery. :) Lately I’ve been building a wardrobe around necklaces and bracelets inherited by ancestors. Aren’t grandmothers, great- aunts and other female relatives the best?!

  16. Joanna

    I supposed I’d call my personal style ‘casual elegance’. I’m definitely more of a minimalist girl; less is so much more! I no longer wear the schoolgirl skirts and empire waist dresses of yore; they’re much too fussy for me right now. I live in LA, and my life is decidedly uncomplicated and laid-back and I’d like my wardrobe to reflect that: relaxed, low-key, not trying too hard, but always chic. This usually means dark-denim skinny or bootcut jeans, loose-fitting boyfriend sweaters, cozy cardigans over a beautiful print blouse, colorful scarves, navy schoolboy blazers, rugged boots, ballet flats or my Birkenstock Gizeh sandals (they’re comfy and chic, which is a must!), delicate gold jewelry like hoops and stackable rings and my gold watch, and alway, always a great handbag (I’ve been wearing my Tory Burch messenger bag nonstop, as well as my much smaller Jerome Dreyfuss mini bag for dates with the boyfriend). I’m 29 now and I’ve just started getting really comfortable with my style and knowing what looks good on me and passing on the trends that don’t. Editing my wardrobe down to the essentials. Casual elegance! :-)

  17. Paige

    I am a big proponent of personal uniforms, probably because I wore them all through lower and middle school. I am excited for fall and winter because my cold weather uniform is my favorite: tall riding boots, skinny pants, and a cardigan or cowl sweater. Michael Kors’s fall collection is filled with pieces I would love to add to my wardrobe, and I bought his long faux-fur vest-in August, in Houston- because I just couldn’t resist. Perhaps in December it will be cold enough to wear it… sigh.

  18. Lee Nicholson

    These 2 looks are exactly me! Simple, monochrome with a hint of quirky jewelry maybe thrown in. Also LOVE good jeans, boots and cashmere.

  19. Katie Armour Post author

    I just wanted to say that I have LOVED reading these ladies. You all have such individual senses of style and yet something tells me you’re all terribly chic : ) I think we learn as we grow up what is most appropriate for our bodies. Fit is everything, isn’t it? I’ve finally accepted that and learned not to go with what’s hot at the moment, but what’s flattering on me! Cheers to dressing well my dear Neo-Trads! You responses inspire me so! xx


    I did some design work today in a coffee shop in Charleston and as I pedaled my bike to the shop I had one of those moments where I just felt like “me”. Doesn’t happen much, but I love it when it does! I am thinking I am traditional with a bit of trendy thrown in – Matchstick black ankle pants with an oversized camel sweater. Rolled the batwing sleeves and paired it with gold and black (faux) croc pointy toes with my way too large rebecca minkoff nikki bag. And of corse, had to rock the linda farrow shades! The woman is a genius! It felt like fall and the sweater matched my not-still-summer tan!

  21. Starr

    I have been thinking of this all day and I think I have discovered that I like simple lines, classics with a modern twist and I love to implement trends here and there through jewelry, hair, nail polish and shoes! I so admire people that take thoughtful fashion risks.

  22. Brooke

    Can I tell you how in love with Celine I am? I just played with all of the jewelry right off the runway today!


  23. sharon trinh

    sadly, my high school has a dress code i must follow ): but whenever i can, i like add whimsical and vintage touches to my outfits. i also like the borrowed from my boyfriend look, sorta like celine.

  24. meg

    I had posted this top image just last week because it spoke to me too; I love the clean classic and fresh faced look featured here. And while I certainly appreciate the frills of the ubber feminine looks out there, I find myself drawn to more simple pieces- a great white shirt, a well fit blazer etc.

  25. Katie Armour Post author

    Hanna — I want a photo of you on your bike looking so chic! I want to post it!!! xx

    Starr — Thoughtful fashion risks, smart girl! : )

    Brooke — If only we all worked for Vogue! We need a phone date soon! xx

    Sharon — I remember those days! I had to wear a kilt, polo and knee-socks every day for four years of boarding school : ) You just appreciate expressing yourself through your wardrobe more than ever once college rolls around. I can’t wait to see where it takes you! xx

    Meg — Sounds like we have a lot in common when it comes to our wardrobe. Nothing beats a well cut blazer. Thanks for stopping in!

  26. Aubergine

    Personal style? I could never come up with an answer. A mix of how I feel that day, with something preppy, tailor, and expensive looking that I got from the local second hand store.

  27. kbd

    if you’re interested in personal style on the home front, the current house beautiful magazine has a great issue on how to create your own style at home. Its great, like clothes, you can tell so much about the people who live in the houses featured….

  28. Breathless

    50’s inspired classic. Clean lines, ballerina shoes, vintage handbag. Circle skirts with chinched waist and a simple top or shirt is my go to outfit. My favourite jewelry are brooches and my charm bracelet. Oh, and a pixie cut :-)

  29. Roberta

    Totalmente d’accordo!! For example, I admire Anna Dello Russo and her “catwalk style” but mine is minimal and tailored like Stella McCartney F/W 10-11. I found similar “low cost” perfect black pants at Zara, yesterday.
    Ciao from Milano.
    Sorry for my bad english
    Great Blog

  30. ApplesandOnions

    I’m pretty much right in line with you about fashion. These outfits are my ideal uniform. For me, that’s part of why having a blog is so fun. You get to indulge in all the frill and fantasy you want even if you’re a total minimalist like me. Cheers!

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