Bon weekend!

Thought I would bid you farewell with darling photo of Jacqueline Bouvier (long before Kennedy or Onassis) taken in 1935.  The dog looks so much like Zelda, Jane Lilly Warren’s pup (and Alfred’s girlfriend…)—the resemblance is uncanny!  Anywho, what fun activities do you have planned my dears?  I’ll be puttering about getting my life organized, but isn’t that always the case?  xx Katie

(image via the fantastic LAC)

12 comments on “Bon weekend!

  1. Maria

    I will be planning the finishing touches for my wedding next week and sightseeing in NYC with one of my best friends who’s coming to visit. I just wanted to say I discovered your blog through Once Wed and I absolutely adore it. Keep all those beautiful posts coming!

  2. Amanda

    Hoping to make it to a triple-feautre at the local independent thater–Waiting for Superman, You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger and Never Let Me Go.

  3. Katie Armour Post author

    Maria — Awww, why thank you! Enjoy every minute of your wedding—it will be one of the most magical days of your life! Keep in touch! xo

    Amanda — Now that is ambitious! Enjoy all three! xx

  4. Teresa

    Oh Katie, Caroline looked so much like Jackie at that age. The Kennedy genes seem to have appeared later in life for Caroline :).
    Thank you so much for sharing!!!

    Oh the weekend… bad weather caught me a bit by surprise… in three days it turned completely – from sunny endless Summer to Autumn giving worrying hints of “one of those” Winters LOL (This year I’m buying silly but happy looking wellies, you wait and see ;))… I was planning last call interventions on the Garden but feeling an urge to buy Quinces and cook my Aunties’ Marmalade instead… or indulge in some reading wraped in a soft blanket listening to the rain…

    Enjoy your Weekend, Dear!

  5. sharon trinh

    sadly, this weekend is filled with school work. SAT test tomorrow, homework & projects to do, test to study for, & college applications. other than that, i’m gonna be at home catching up on novels. :) ohh, wouldnt it be fun to have a neo-trad book club!!

  6. Katie Armour Post author

    Teresa — I envy you and your perfect sounding weekend! And I want to see these wellies! So true about Caroline looking like Jackie when she was young…I hadn’t thought of it : )

    Sharon — You never know, we may just have to start a book club! It would be good for me as I rarely find time to read a good book these days (inexcusable, I know!) and could use some peer pressure! Best of luck on the SAT, we’re all cheering for you!!

  7. Lindsey

    Football Tailgating in Perfect Fall Weather, Cheering on the Cats while my BF Coaches, Packing for a fun work trip to Mexico… then leaving on a Jet Plane…
    I’m most excited for the return… so my Mr. Right can pick me up at the airport for another perfect weekend next Friday!

  8. Victoria

    Being with my youngest son and making it a fun weekend, just the two of us!
    Lovely picture, she was a sweet child!

    Happy weekend my dear! Just watched Sense and Sensibility for the xx time…Just love it!

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