Putting on the Glitz

I often find myself drifting over to Net-A-Porter to “window shop” and last night these glitzy numbers caught my wandering eye.  They each seem to have captured that lovely balance of feminine and flashy.  Do you have any sequin in your wardrobe?  How do you wear it?

14 comments on “Putting on the Glitz

  1. Khanh

    I love the Marc Jacobs bag along with all the dresses. They are so beautiful. I am trying to find a 1920s style dress like the gold one or the one with the fur on the bottom. These are my inspiration!

  2. quintessence

    A little bit of sparkle adds a glamorous touch to day or evening. I have been eyeing that marc jacobs bag for a while now – I think it could be a fabulous accessory to dress up many more tailored outfits (like the Stella ones you showed the other day). I just bought the little Sequin minaudière at J Crew – it’s really beautiful and looks much more expensive than it is – check it out!

  3. Style Maniac

    Love the pretty shimmer of my black sequin mini-skirt and gold sequin clutch … but not so crazy about how they pull and stick to whatever they touch. Next time I’m looking for sequins on just one side.

  4. Katie Armour Post author

    Anna — Agreed! Happy Friday!! xx

    Khanh — Let us know if you find a 1920’s dress, how fun!

    Quintessence — So true about the bag spicing up the Stella outfits. I am off to look up the J.Crew piece now!

    Style Maniac — Thanks for the tip about preferring they be one-sided. I don’t have any sequin pieces yet (tragic, I know) and will keep that in mind as I shop! xx

  5. BAH

    Oooh, I am loving that dress in the second row. I had a pair of sequin ballet flats a few years ago that I wore with everything! They fell apart pretty quickly, but now I have the gold glitter TOMS, which I wear when my outfit needs a little punch :)

  6. kbd

    I have a wifebeater that has silver sequins on the front and is made of the most comfortable soft tshirt material ever… perfect with a pair of jeans. Easy peasy :)

  7. Vivian

    Oooh Katie! This post speaks to my favorite style and aesthetic! I *heart* sparkles and sequins! Yup – I’ve got sequined skirts, tops, jacket, and shoes. I don’t have any sequined pieces in these light, dreamy colors. That Willow blazer is amazing and the MJ bag is fantastic! I’d be happy with any single piece you’ve selected. :) Happy Friday Katie!

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  8. Chloe Bird


    What is the label of the last dress posted? The gold one with silver at the hem and neckline. It’s stunning and the sweetness of the cut completely balances the flash of the shimmer.

    PS – Congrats on Lonny – your contributions were fantastic!

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