Warby Parker Eye Candy

Thought I’d treat us this morning to a little bit of Warby Parker eye candy (the boys or the frames, you decide…).  Mr. Armour wears glasses that give off that “I-read-a-lot-of-very-deep-books” vibe and I find them terribly sexy.  I can’t wait to introduce him to Warby Parker—did you know their prescription frames are a mere $95 and for every frame purchased they give a pair to a child in need?  Stylish people with a conscience, if that isn’t sexy I don’t know what is.

P.S. Don’t fret ladies—they have a lovely collection of women’s frames too.

10 comments on “Warby Parker Eye Candy

  1. Kirby

    I love it when a company gives back to charity with every purchase. such a special trade to have. I’ll have to point my glasses-wearing finace to this brand. He could pull them off for sure!

  2. Sam

    I’ve just been virtually trying on the glasses for the past 15 minutes :) I love them! I actually am looking for a new pair of glasses, but even though I get to “virtually” try them on, I’m still weary about purchasing them online. Hmm. Tough decision! Thanks for letting us know about this site :)

  3. sharon trinh

    ahhh they are too lovely! i’ve been searching for a pair of glasses that has the “I-read-a-lot-of-very-deep-books” vibe. i thought about purchasing ray bans for them but they didn’t have that special quirkiness i was looking for. these definitely do! thanks for introducing us to warby parker (: you always discover the chicest items!

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