Seasonal Eating

I just adore these sweet screen-printed calendars of seasonal fruits and vegetables in California.  I grew up on the central coast and my dad goes to farmers’ market year round.  In fact, he has a serious addiction to fruit #1, the guava.  What fun Christmas presents!

8 comments on “Seasonal Eating

  1. Brandi

    Absolutely adore this! I wish they had one for every state — it would be such a wonderful way to help educate people about local, fresh foods.

  2. Ashley

    I own the “Fruits of California” print and love it. It makes me smile every time I enter my kitchen. I’m definitely adding the vegetable print to my Christmas List this year!

  3. Leti @ Pick Me

    Of course you always find the cutest stuff, that’s why I loved the mag. Definitely going to check these out. Was searching for some as a gift and happened to land on this old post!

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