The Duchess Loved Diamonds

Did you hear the news?  23 years after their legendary ‘Jewels of the Duchess of Windsor’ auction in 1987 Sotheby’s is offering 20 pieces of the glittering collection up for sale again on November 10.  Among the prized items is this diamond flamingo clip mounted by Cartier Paris featuring plumage set with emeralds, rubies and sapphires.  This piece alone is estimated to sell for over 2 million US dollars, can you even imagine?!  The video gave me goosebumps, watch it here.

8 comments on “The Duchess Loved Diamonds

  1. Sara Kate

    Oh heavens. I don’t need the video to have goosebumps, as those images are just divine. Can you imagine having that in your jewelry box waiting to make an appearance?

  2. Katie Armour Post author

    Sara Kate — I imagine about these things all the time : )

    Dancing Branflake — Same for me!!

    Designstiles — Hah! So true, some flamingos are quite chic!

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