Hey Good Lookin’

Since one of my wedding vows was “to learn to cook the basics” I’ve been thinking about how I might go about sprucing up our kitchen.  First things first, I’m going to need a sweet apron, don’t you think?  This red polka dot number by Dollface Aprons is pretty darn cute, but they also have cherries, roses and plaid.  How’s a girl to choose?

15 comments on “Hey Good Lookin’

  1. Nicki

    anthropologie’s aprons make me want to enroll in culinary school (versus my current microwave-only existence)

  2. Julie LoRusso

    I highly recommend buying ALL the Ina Garten/ Barefoot Contessa cookbooks. Her books are so well done and EVERY recipe I’ve tried is a keeper. She keeps it simple too.

    You’ll look a lot cuter than her in that sassy apron :)

  3. pve

    My Mother taught me the way to a man’s heart is via the stomach. You must read about how Venus lured Vulcan back home with her “soup de poisson”~
    Cute aprons work too. Love that one! I love the “JOY” of cooking.

  4. Jessica

    Very *Lucy*! I don’t think she was a very good cook though.
    You most definitely can’t go wrong with Ina…she’ll have you whipping up delicious meals in no time…and everyone will be oooing and ahhing, especially your dear hubby (but they’re super easy). My last post was actually a variation on one of her soups.

    Happy cooking ans apron wearing!
    xo J~

  5. stephanie

    giada is the best. or come over here and i’ll teach you the basics. =) i think i’ve actually earned a cute apron. i think a trip to anthro is in store for tomorrow.

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