18 comments on “Oh my goodness…

  1. mary

    When we were little, my mother dressed us up as black cats, complete with tails. She attached us all to each other (tail of one to wrist of the next) Looking back, it was a stroke of genius, she had us all together and we were easy to keep track of!

  2. Shannon

    These are TOO cute! I wore a lion costume when I was little that I thought was precious, but these take the cake. I can’t even pick a favorite!

  3. Kate

    That little sheep is killing me! I think my favorite costume was when I went as a 1950s girl… complete with poodle skirt (that Momma made) and saddle shoes!


  4. Danielle

    i will definitely have a little flamingo one day! Is it bad that I’m tempted to buy them now for when the day comes? :)

    Mary Poppins was definitely my favorite costume as a little girl!

  5. Lena

    That flamingo is ADORABLE, and this coming from a girl who has a flamingo costume in rotation! It was originally my mom’s, who built a padded, faux-fur covered, flamingo-butt bikini and a hot pink spandex bodysuit for a crazy early 80’s Halloween party in West Hollywood (can you imagine?), and I inherited it in high school!

  6. megan

    these are the cutest things I’ve ever seen… and the best prices! i just forwarded to a bunch of friends who are getting costumes from there… that lamb is adorable!

  7. quintessence

    Simply adorable! My mother always made our costumes and made one for one of my daughters that was similar to the lamb – but it was a furry bunny with pink inside the ears – it’s an heirloom now!

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