Pretty in Pink

Love these photos of Swedish model Agnes Madsen modeling the latest collection by Ina Soltani.  The dress-up session was profiled by the lovely Bardot in Blue and only served to increase my envy of her devastatingly fabulous French life.  I really need to get back to Paris…le sigh.  It’s been far too long.

10 comments on “Pretty in Pink

  1. sharon trinh

    what beautiful images! my friend and i are planning on moving to europe for about 3 years after college.(which is about 5 years away haha) but that’s okay, i’m going to europe for a month as a graduation present from my family :)

  2. stephanie

    so i have to share… i was just showing my five year old Ava these pictures of this gorgeous dress and she said “momma is that you?” awwwwwwwwww the sweet love of a five year old. heart her very much.

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