Coolest Paper Dolls Ever

These Margot Tenenbaum and Edie Beale paper dolls made me laugh out loud.  Grey Gardens and The Royal Tenenbaums are two of my all time favorite pieces of cinematic history.  The cigarette in hand for Margot?  Positively brilliant.

15 comments on “Coolest Paper Dolls Ever

  1. Shoshana

    I love the detail of these — the flag with Edie, the cigarette with Margot. It’s too perfect. These two are my favorite characters (Edie, while a real person, also a quite a character)of all time as well.

  2. Ashley

    These are genius! I would frame both of the paperdolls for an ironic twist to a little girl’s room (or maybe my own room, who am I kidding!). Great find!

  3. liv

    very nice margo doll..
    just one detail:
    she’s got 10 normal fingers here… in the movie one of her fingers is cut off and is replaced with a wooden finger.

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