Sterling Style

Lately I simply can’t get enough of Taylor over at Sterling Style and her fantastic outfits.  Reading her blog and studying her seemingly endless wardrobe always inspires me to delve into my own and get more creative.  Her latest ensemble features the fantastic sequin J.Crew skirt I’ve been eyeing for weeks mixed with Top Shop, vintage and even Forever 21.  I applaud her fearless mix of high and low—the girl is not only sweet as pie, but forever chic.

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  1. Bailey@peppermintbliss

    I think I need to start a file on my comp for outfits…If I go into my closet one more time and start to cry about having nothing to wear I think Mister Pete might divorce me. I am just so bad at putting outfits together!

  2. geri

    she’s a beauty, thats for sure. love her outfit. the blouse looks a little like the one you chose for your lonny shoot. where did you find yours?

  3. Danielle

    Absolutely adorable. Why can’t I come up with ridiculously cute outfits like that? The Mister may kill me, as well, if I complain about there being NO clothes in my overstuffed closet. Sigh.

  4. caroline

    She is a doll!! And I too have been eyeing that skirt … there is wine colored skirt not sure of the material that I’ve had my eye out for as well. XO!! Enjoy your day!!

  5. sterling style

    Thanks you Katie! So sweet. I am flattered. Thank you all for the sweet comments. I’ve wanting this skirt for weeks at my local store, but did not want to spend the money. However the version online is over $100 more. They look the same!? I finally made the excuse that the skirt will be great for the holiday season and bought it!

    Kaite, you look amazing in the Lonny shoot. Love that outfit. Do you have more photos of it to share? I love the necklace, is that J. Crew?


  6. Katie Armour Post author

    Sterling — You are so very welcome! Unfortunately I don’t have any more photos from that day. The blouse was actually from Gap and the necklaces borrowed from a girlfriend that works at Vogue. Love to raid her closet, I do believe they were J.Crew. Can’t wait to see you for shopping in a few weeks with Anne! xx

  7. sterling style

    Katie, they look like J. Crew and I am kicking myself for not buying them before! Lovely on you! The Gap blouse is to die for. Is it still around?

    How can you be a behind the camera girl. You are glamorous!

    See you soon!

  8. Katie Armour Post author

    Sterling — Or I suppose I should say Taylor : ) I bought the blouse about a month ago, it’s probably still there. It became an instant favorite!

  9. Colette

    Just saw you on Lonny –
    You HAVE TO start showing us your outfits- they’re killer and I need inspiration.
    (and I need the guts to get a cute pixie cut)

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