Elva Embraces Autumn

Love the latest batch of necklaces by Elva Fields.  They’re all so rich and earthy—perfect for fall.  I have long admired Emily’s neo-traditional mix of vintage and modern gems.  Enough to make  a girl swoon!

Please note: I wore my one prized Elva Fields necklace out to lunch last week and received, I kid you not, three compliments from complete strangers.  They’re worth every penny!

8 comments on “Elva Embraces Autumn

  1. Emily Maynard

    Love that you are enjoying your jewels…I bet they look fantastic on you…and that they are only part of the reason for the compliments! Happy fall to you!

  2. Katie Armour Post author

    Emily — Aww shucks, you are too sweet. Hope you’re doing well. Keep making beautiful things for me to gush about, you make my job so easy : ) xoxo

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