Foxy Giveaway!

You may recognize this handsome fellow from my picks in Lonny Magazine’s ‘We Went Mad For’ section.  Well lucky for you, when I ordered my own personal copy of the print the oh-so-talented artist, Alison (she’s from the UK and is a sweetheart!), threw in an extra copy for one of my readers!  The print is 8″ x 10″ and the quality is truly marvelous. To enter simply visit the Eastwitching Gallery and then comment below telling me which piece is your favorite and why.  A random winner picked tomorrow will receive their very own copy of ‘The King of Fox Hollow.’  He’s going up in my place too—we can be twins : )

Bonne chance!

(2nd image: Mr. Fox in my apartment, waiting for you to claim him!)

UPDATE: The winner is #28, Layers of Meaning.  Congratulations!!!

102 comments on “Foxy Giveaway!

  1. Corinna

    I have always loved these!! I have been going etsy bananas lately- I would love to add this to my little apartment! I love all the creatures with hats- in particular leopold. and the king of fox hollow by far is the super foxiest.

    how did you frame yours?

  2. Morgan

    I LOVE the little Meadow Mates. So sweet and reminds me of the fields full of cows on the drive home!

  3. Liz

    I love the little pig original! I’ve ordered birds from Eastwitching and they are framed in a guest bath. Love them!

  4. Katie Armour Post author

    Corinna — I actually haven’t framed mine yet because I can’t decide where to put him. I was blown away by the print’s quality though—for a second I thought she’d accidentally sent me the original : )

  5. Lee Nicholson

    LOVE the “Off To Work” seagull in bowler hat w/briefcase! Quirky yet oh so sophisticated! Great for office or library space.

  6. Julia

    “To the Lighthouse” is my favorite. I grew up on Cape Cod and nothing says by the seaside more than a lighthouse.

  7. Halley

    wow, what beautiful prints!

    my favorite is definitely the momma and baby elephant! i have been researching elephant sanctuaries in thailand lately… this is fabulous! :)

    wondering if i should get a custom print of my pup… hmm…

  8. Lauren

    You know, I must say the “King of Fox Hollow” has to be my favorite! I love the purple and orange together and his big bushy tail!

  9. Vanessa

    I’ve been wanting the Fox ever since I originally saw you post about him a few months back!! Once I visited the Eastwitching Gallery, I fell in love with the lion and the pink flamingo. I’ve had the fox on my list of things to buy for my baby boy’s nursery that I am in the process of designing (he’s due Dec. 4th and I’m naming him Barron)! The fox would look perfect, in a white frame, leaning on the white shelf by his white crib. I would love to win this because it seems like the perfect print for little Barron to stare at as he grows. I’m crossing my fingers!!!

  10. McKenna

    Katie, I adore these prints!

    My favorite has to be Master Newton Newboy Newsdesk Clerk – if only for his noble little name! Was so excited to see you in Lonny – the spread was great. xoxo

  11. ejr

    I love the little fox, but I have to say that “elegance” the flamingo is my favorite piece. Thanks for enlightening me about the shop.

  12. c

    I love the Cat….i think i was one in my last life(just kidding)…i have 2 sweet orange tabbies…brother & sister einstein & edison…edison is the little girl…, they are my best friends!

    thanks for the chance


  13. Elizabeth @ Dapper Paper

    oh. my. i LOVE that fox and everything else in the shop.
    I really love the Antoinette the French Language Governess Bunny. Just the word Governess takes me away to a Jane Austen novel…and now all of the characters are played by bunnies…

  14. Christina

    I think because it’s close to Halloween that I love the ‘Stately Raven’, but I also really love the Mallard ducks and the curled up fox.

  15. Lilly

    The King of Fox Hollow is actually my favorite with Christmas Spirits- The Town Crier as a close second. Thanks for the opportunity!

  16. Danielle

    Mmm, the fox is actually the one that I’d pick! She’d be the queen to another fun fox print I have hanging up… they’re fantastic. ;)

  17. Kaleigh

    Though I also love King Leopold, the fox is my favorite piece, and would love great in my craft/wedding prep room, next to my shiny Underwood typewriters (I have 3, aaaaaaaaaaah).

    Thanks for the opportunity :)

  18. Piper

    How beautiful! I’m digging the fox but I love the bunnies too (they’d make great gifts for my mother in law & sister in law!)

  19. KateMcG

    Number one on my favorites list is definitely the featured fox… but a close second is the seagulls (“Dock of the Bay”) print… reminds me of summers at the beach :)

    And yes… what an amazing typewriter.

  20. Rachel

    I adore the elephants, they are just the most graceful land animals. This sounds morbid, but they are one of not very many species who mourn their dead. Don’t think about that as sad – think of it as beautiful! The companionship they show is truly lasting. Love, love love.

    :) Tons of thanks for sharing these.

  21. Sarah

    Oh yay! I love this print! The other one that is probably my favorite is the mouse with a bowler hat and suitcase. So cute! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  22. sarahkeith

    Oh wow! She is sooooo talented. I actually like the Kind of Fox Hollow the best– but followed closely by the other fox pieces….I think the fox must be my spirit animal :)

  23. Melissa

    I love the horse painting. I grew up around them and miss seeing them on a daily basis!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  24. Alison

    I will have to say the ladybug, only because maybe it will bring me good luck with the giveaway :)

  25. Leslie N

    Mallard Walk is my favorite! My Daddy is an avid hunter and when I was younger, he taught me how to identify different ducks and the mallards were always my favorites!

  26. Julie Ann

    My pick? HORSE. My husband and I went horse back riding for the first time on our honeymoon (August 2010). I just might have to purchase it – sentimental sally :)

  27. Alison Fennell

    I’m only in it for the typewriter.

    Dear all above – what a wonderful list of positive thoughts to read – – now I can’t get out through the door:) Alison of Eastwitching.

  28. HMB

    Love the flamingo, the seagulls, the blue crab… I must be on a beach kick today

    That fox is fabulous too, of course – his crown perflectly complements the pops of purple that I have in my room…

  29. Lauren

    They are all fabulous, but I would have to say the owl featured on the gift certificate. Owls remind me of going to the zoo and watching the bird demonstrations where the owls, hawks, and eagles would fly around and show off their beauty and grace.

  30. BB Wooten

    I have loved the 8 x 10 mother and baby elephant print for a long time. I ran across it while searching for pretty artwork for our nursery. I know our little Charlotte Bradly would love it once she arrives in February!

  31. Elizabeth Rose

    I already ordered the King of Fox Hallow but I had to say why I loved it because it’s just so adorable and just cuz Hoxsey and Foxy must go together. I already have a spot picked out for him in my new house. I’m looking to get the Town Crier now! Eastwitching Gallery is my absolute favorite shop on Etsy!

  32. Lael

    OMG the fox wearing the bowler hat is so sweet (the close up). I love it; it reminds me of Beatrix Potter and her lovely sly Fox from her book of children’s short stories who tricks the naiive little Duck.

  33. geri

    i am goin’ with lord liquorice bunny extraordinaire! he seems to be very accomplished and is most likely very interesting….he also reminds me of a bunny we once had named “buster”.

  34. Nichole

    I would love either the piglet for a wall in my kitchen, or the twin chickens–after my two chickens at home!

  35. Courtney

    Love Mr. Fox, the Piglet and all of the custom doggie portraits. I would add Mr. Fox to my mish mash of original art over my sofa.

    What a great find!

  36. Heather

    I like the seagull paintings. They give off an elegant beachy vibe. But I have to say I love the royal fox too…

  37. erin

    Mr. Fox is quite charming. Eastwitching’s style reminds me quite a bit of my all time favorite illustrator Beatrix Potter.
    I believe my favorite is “Markhor the Magnificent”. I cant quite say why, but he calls to me.

  38. Kirby

    oh, how fun! I really like all of her prints. I would have to say that the flamingo has always been a favorite animal of mine so I would go with that one. but the fox is so sassy! him with his crown! hehe

    crossing my fingers!

    xx Kirby

  39. Karey

    My favorite is the dream print “When I Grow Up.” I actually made her shop one of my favorites because her prints popped up when I was searching for artwork for our apartment! I love her work!

  40. Ashley

    My hands down favorite is “Master Newton Newboy Newsdesk Clerk”–I have long had a love for mice and this one carries an attache and wears a bowler. What a proper British gentlemouse!

  41. Cassie

    I must say my favorite is Lord Liquorice Bunny Extraordinaire! How could you resist an animal in a top hat!? When I was little bunnies were born in our backyard and I have had a thing for them ever since.

  42. Amanda

    My favorite is the happy days print. I love elephants, they are such sweet animals. I also like her description saying that they are two pals walking out on a rainbow morning enjoying the sun. It is too sweet.

  43. Her name was Lola

    I adore this chic and regal print. Looks fab in your apartment on that jazzy leopard chair, Katie! One of my other favorites in the shop is that lovely little ladybug (I’ve got a thing for insects in terms of home decor!). xo

    P.S. Swing by we’re having a Shopbop giveaway!

  44. Kate Collins

    I love the one you have – it’s fantastic!

    My favorite is the “Civil War Fox.” I love the way the hat is smooshed down on his head, the color of the hat and his look in his eyes.

  45. Amanda

    I would have to say that the King of Fox Hollow is actually my fave! I adore this print! Plus, the local farm I volunteer on is called Fox Hollow, so that makes it extra special! xoxo

  46. Melissa

    So hard to choose. I’d have to say Lord Licorice Bunny Extraordinaire with his golden tail. I’ve had a thing for bunnies ever since my first stuffed animal, a rabbit named Petit Pierre! Or Little Peter in French.

  47. Elliott

    Oh my goodness, I just found your blog and this giveaway is darling! I MUST own Lord Liquorice. My hubby is a Brit and well, he wanted to get a bunny instead of (cover your ears, Lilly!) our adorable baby bulldog. He’s still a bunny lover but I think he’s quite smitten with Miss Lilly too. :)

  48. Pamela

    I’m partial to the little house mouse Master Newton Newboy Newsdesk Clerk.

    My husband and I are learning firsthand about mice as we live through our first autumn in a basement apartment. Dressed up with a sweet hat and valise, though, Master Newton doesn’t look like a terrible roommate.

  49. Rosemary

    oh em gee.
    Thank you for helping me find my new favorite Etsy shop! I love the fox with crown, but that flamingo is such a perfect color and the composition is so unexpected. Does she do pet portraits?!

  50. Betty Baker

    Hi Katie – I love the King of Fox Hollow, the wonderful cat (because I love cats) the lighthouse because I love the east coast of Canada (where you see many of them) and I love the lilacs (because they are my favorite flower) Once again I am trying another contest. Thank you for the chance..

  51. Jasmine

    Oh no! I have to choose a favorite? That’s hard! I love the King of Fox Hollow, of course. He’s so quirky and beautiful. I also love THE NATURALS – Mummy’s Little Man because they remind me of my kitties and the piglet because pigs are just so cute. My fingers are soooo crossed! :)

  52. Danielle

    Love love LOVE “Get Better Baby Bear”. How innocent and sweet! I think I’ll have to buy this for my friend and her 6 month old son (she’s a teddy fanatic!).

  53. Susan

    Since I am a huge fan of Beatrix Potter, I am going with Antoinette the French language Governess, but I love all the fox and bunny prints, especially the close up of the fox. Please enter me in your contest. I’ll be ecstatic if
    I win!

  54. Kiri Woods

    Fox in profile for sure! I was driving this morning and saw a fox hit by a car on the parkway- so sad they are so beautiful.

  55. mary

    I love your fox, because you picked him, and you have impeccable style! I also love the other fox on her site, it looks just like the ones that dart across the road when I’m driving home at night.

  56. Vivian

    Ooh! Great giveaway! Hope I made it in time. This lil furry friend would be a great addition to our new home [moving in 2 weeks!].
    My other Fave print in the store must be the Dream Prints – Happy Days of the two elephants. I adore elephants. All the paintings are beautiful though!

    xx Vivian @

  57. Julie

    The fox is amazing and would fit perfectly in my new purple and turquoise ikat frame! It’s meant to be!
    I also LOVE the Christmas Spirits-Town Crier! What a cute little Robin, just painted my grandmother’s old desk, and I have a bird motif with accents of coral and bamboo, I’ll have to pick that precious guy up! Thanks for the great posts!

  58. julie richard

    I love the silly floral would be perfect in my daughter’s room..also love the foxes. I live in an urban town but still have foxes visiting in my backyard each spring. I’ve grown found of them ever since.

    shelter interior design

  59. ElisabethBennett

    omggggggg I love the flamingo!!! I am buying it. The fox reminds me of the Fantastic Mr. Fox.

  60. Wendy L.

    I’m going with Kind Leopold the Lion! My very best friend since grade school (a lovely, regal Leo herself, whose favorite color is purple) is about to give birth to her first baby — a little boy who I’m sure will immediately take his place as the King of the Castle! This would be adorable in his nursery!

  61. Alison Fennell

    Congratulations to Marie Fe!

    I hope you enjoy having this wise fox supervising baby Jack!

    Also thank you to all the arties who looked and loved and left such lovely comments…

    and of course to Katie – the gal who made it all happen! Thank you so much again.

    Looking forward to seeing how you frame him.

    Alison – eastwitching

  62. Ana Pilar Cruz

    I can’t make up my mind between the chestnut prancing horse and the flying owl! The horse, because I was horse-crazy as a young girl, and used to spend hours staring at my Breyer horses, imagining what it would be like to have my very own horse. The owl reminds me of the movie Labyrinth, one of my childhood favorites! I loved the way Jim Henson brought the fairtale world to life!

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