I’m Sailing Away

Love these preppy sailing belts by Kiel James Patrick.  Each is hand crafted in Rhode Island with Italian pebbled leather and hand knotted sailing cord—now that’s a labor of love.  Perfect paired with your favorite cable knit this fall!

8 comments on “I’m Sailing Away

  1. Katie Armour Post author

    Kate — Let’s get matching ones and wear them around together like in boarding school. Maybe with matching ribbons in our hair? Oh wait, I chopped all my hair off : ( BUMMER.

  2. KateMcG

    Miss Armour…. now you have a reason to grow your hair back!! I miss the days of matching outfits haha. And I’m now going to have to purchase matching belts for us for Christmas.

  3. Daniella

    Oh my gosh, I saw this kind of belt in a street style photo somewhere and was thinking where I could get a nice one… what great timing! Thanks for sharing!

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