A Neo-Trad Book Club?

I’ve been thinking lately about how much we all love books and yet, how rarely I make time to read these days (it’s pathetic!).  What if we really did start a Neo-Trad Book Club?  We could choose a title every other week and discuss it in a special post in the comments…  Would anyone be interested in doing that with me?  I need someone to hold me accountable!  What book would you want to begin with?  There would be no pressure to participate, only those interested.  Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

UPDATE:  We’ll kick things off with a good, light-hearted laugh with Melissa Bank’s The Girls’ Guide to Hunting and Fishing. Pick up a copy this weekend (if you don’t already treasure yours, as I do!) and we’ll discuss it on Thursday, October 28th.  On Friday, October 29th we’ll pick  a new book (an older classic to mix things up!).  I can’t wait to share this with you and hear your thoughts.  I have a feeling there will be lots of silly boy talk, a bonding experience no doubt!  Happy reading!!!

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65 comments on “A Neo-Trad Book Club?

  1. The Buzz - Diane James Home

    May not be able to get through a book in one week – running a business, raising kids, cooking for hubby and writing a blog (not necessarily in that order) take up a bit of time – but I will definitely be reading your suggestions! Happy weekend!

  2. Kirby

    hmmmm… I might just have to include myself. I’ve been trying to get started reading again. I’ve never been apart of a book club before, but always wanted to see what they were all about! and sadly there are so many classics that I haven’t read.

    I’ll swing by goodwill to see if they have this book on their shelves!

    xx Kirby

  3. Katie Armour Post author

    Carolyn — I understand! We’ll be choosing a new book every other week, so hopefully that will help a bit. Plus it’s absolutely no commitment, so if you have time one month and none the next, you can always come and go in the discussion as you please. I only want people to enjoy themselves, no guilt involved! : ) Plus I wouldn’t want you neglecting your beautiful blog. xx

    Kirby — They may well have it at Goodwill. In fact, I think I picked up a copy of it once at the one across from the Chelsea Garage flea market : ) Hope you love the book!

  4. Victoria

    I am in a book club already and do a lot of reading, does it count if I read once in a while one of your selected books an chime in the discussion when I can?
    I do not want to promise and then do not deliver…

    What a fantastic idea!


  5. Katie Armour Post author

    Samantha — So glad you’re in! Can’t wait to think what you think of The Girls’ Guide to Hunting and Fishing! : )

    Victoria — Of course! I want there to be no commitment. Come and go as you please and if you’ve read the book in the past, always feel free to chime in as well. We will be very low-key about the whole thing. You are a dear! xx

  6. mary

    Kate! I am doing a book club at school for grades 6-12, no one thought it would fly , but we are thriving, and having a BLAST!!! We are reading a series by Suzanne Collins for young adults: The Hunger Games, Catching Fire and Mockingjay – lots of potential to talk about gender issues, hatred, political tyranny, human nature, usw…

  7. Sarah

    Hi Katie,

    I’ve become a daily follower over the last few months. I started blogging last May and it’s become my fun outlet outside of my work – I’m a High School English Teacher. I’m planning on doing a literature masters in a year or two, but I was thinking lately how little time I’ve had to do some pleasure reading! This is such a fantastic idea. I read G.G.T.H.A.F. a few summers ago, and it’s an enjoyable, light read. Can’t wait to get this going. xo

  8. Erika

    a well-meaning aunt once gave me this book for christmas, but i never actually got around to reading it. i’m taking this as a sign that this is as good a time as any to do so. i will definitely be participating.

  9. Christina

    I will definitely be reading but not discussing as i am german speaking i hardly would express myself in an adequate way. I love the idea and can’t wait!

  10. Katie Armour Post author

    Christina — Nonsense! Your English is lovely (far better than my German!) and we would love to have you participate as much as you are comfortable. I bet you the book was published in German, you should look! xx

  11. Rasha

    Hi there. I really enjoy reading your blog. Will be picking up a copy and making use of my commute time for a change. Cheers!

  12. Lydia

    OK just picked up a copy of Girls Guide. I’m heading out to my parents “cabiny” home for a few days (my birthday gift to myself) and can’t wait to curl up with a blanket, my pug and the book

  13. Jennifer

    I’ve been following your lovely blog for a while, and this post definitely caught my eye– I couldn’t resist responding! As a bookworm who’s too busy to sit down and actually do it, combined with a neo-trad reading list, this might just do the trick :)

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