Cake For Breakfast

These charming paintings by Paul Ferney were a collaboration with his wife, and in this case art director, Jordan.  I find their colorful palette and scrumptious subjects to be simply irresistible.  The icing on the cake (I couldn’t resist!) are witty captions such as “Her vision of heaven involved copious amounts of buttercream frosting.”  Such a whimsical, contemporary take on Wayne Thiebaud‘s favorite subject.  Bravo Mr. and Mrs. Ferney and to the rest of us, bon appetit!

(via Ruby Press)

12 comments on “Cake For Breakfast

  1. Alison Fennell

    I adore these paintings!!! – so tactile and high-key and almost edible. Happy paintings with a classic twist. I am going to explore his work more. Alison

    Lovely feature Katie:)

  2. Kit

    I love, love, love fun food as the subject for beautiful art!!!! Before I had my son I was an art teacher…we used to create food inspired sculptures, I remember a student who designed a beautiful cupcake with fanciful pink frosting…these paintings totally remind me of her! Thank you for the lovely post…with a fond memory.

    xo Kit

  3. Brandi

    I just had these on my food blog too! I couldn’t resist — they look so edible, don’t they? I mean, the textures on that icing nearly mimic what’s done in real life. I definitely need one of these in my kitchen.

  4. Teresa

    Too too lovely!
    Even on a diet you would start your day with a big smile by looking at these loves during breakfast.
    It’s feeling-good art.
    Thank you for sharing, Katie!

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