Emma Kisstina Calendar

Kristina of Emma Kisstina illustration in Stockholm, Sweden has designed her very first calendar and I am obsessed!  Each month features a charming, subtly seasonal interior.  April is my very favorite—hat boxes, vintage wallpaper and a red umbrella!  Be still my heart!

10 comments on “Emma Kisstina Calendar

  1. Will

    Thanks, Katie, this really did make me smile! Love the unique ways Emma worked the dates into each design. Thanks for stopping by my Kate Spade post. Have a wonderful weekend out West! xx

  2. Katie Armour Post author

    Brandi — I know right?! I want to be permanently transplanted into the month of April : )

    Vivian — I want this foyer, delightful, YES!

    Will — I am crushing hard on your Kate Spade visit. Care to trade lives?

    Sue — Me too, me too.

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