Fancy Flannels

There’s something about these flannel leopard linens from Ballard Designs that makes me want to curl up with a mug of hot cocoa.  Flannel makes me think of cozy log cabins and the light leopard print is unexpectedly chic, don’t you think?  Now if only I had a winter cabin to put them in!

10 comments on “Fancy Flannels

  1. Corinna

    our flannel sheets went onto the bed this weekend! bye bye cold crisp cotton, helllooo cozy winter cocoon! it may be sunny, but this SF wind is bone chilling!

  2. Katie Armour Post author

    Corinna — It has gotten cold and so quickly! We may need to break down and invest in some flannels for this winter…I bet you can guess which : )

  3. Kate

    Oh I was just flipping through Ballard Designs and fell in love with quite a few flannel sheets! Sadly, promptly after suggesting them to the hubs, he informs me that he hates flannel sheets. Oh dear me…


  4. Katie Armour Post author

    Alaina — I hadn’t noticed the resemblance, but you’re right, Michelle does have a similar print! Perhaps that’s where Ballard got their ultra chic inspiration : )

  5. Ali

    I literally ordered these sheets weeks ago and they arrived yesterday! The warm duvet is perfect and you don’t have to add an extra layer to the bed. I have paired them next to this dresser (the one in the header of the blog… i bought from her a few months ago)(a little wild I know) so I plan to do a black bed skirt and a black eurosham in the middle.

    I’m so glad you approve!

    xo, ACL

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