I’m Pleased to Announce…

As many of you know, when I began my little blog I had no grand scheme, I simply wanted to share things I loved with a few friends in far-off places.  Much to my bewilderment others took notice and, as they say, the rest is history. I am so very excited to announce that beginning November 1st I will be offering a select number of ads in my right sidebar.  Each ad will be a substantial sized square (I’ve never been a fan of those squished little banners…) and will be a company I love and that reflects our neo-traditional aesthetic.  I hope you, my sweet readers, will welcome them with open arms—-shopping their shops and gushing about their products.  They’re going to be a fine bunch!  If you or someone you know is interested in advertising and would like more information, please email me at theneotraditionalist@gmail.com. My rates are small-business friendly and the ads will be seen by thousands of daily readers.  It’s a big day for my little blog and I never could have done it without each of you.  In the words of a dear reader in Buenos Aires,

“Peace, Love and Neo-Tradition”

xx Katie

21 comments on “I’m Pleased to Announce…

  1. Kit

    Congratulations! It must be one of the highest compliments a blogger can receive. For you, it is well earned and deserved. I start each of my weekday mornings with a smile on my face thanks to your stylish, sweet, and savvy blog! I cannot wait to see which fabulous companies are on the Neo-Tradition-List!!!

    xoxo Kit

  2. Brandi

    This is such a wonderful move, Katie! I’ll see if I can send some people your way, though I have no doubt these spaces will fill up quickly.

  3. Teresa

    Go Katie! Go Neotrad!!!

    We’ll support you all the way… well, me until the 10th Pug ;)

    Looking forward to see and enjoy your sponsors. I’ve discovered so much but I’m eager to more :).

  4. Kate Collins

    Congrats, Katie!! That is great news. I have to ramp up my business a bit but then I’ll be looking to you for ad space. I’m sure there will be a long waiting list!

  5. Katie Armour Post author

    Thank you for your support ladies! I think it will only enhance your experience as readers by introducing you to some of my new and old favorite companies! Such an exciting day : )

  6. geri

    i should have waited until my first cup of jo to leave a response! i am so very happy for you. this is a big day indeed. the beginning of many great opportunities for you. as i said before, it was only a matter of time. you are such an infectious person (in a good way),everyone loves your style,you are adorable and you just have the”it” factor, what else can i say. so congratulations to your savvy self and good luck. i can’t wait to see who your new advertiser will be! xo

  7. Katie Armour Post author

    Geri — You are too sweet! I am smiling and blushing at the same time. I hope there will be several new advertisers for you to scope out! I have butterflies this morning…in the very best of ways!

  8. Kirby

    how exciting for you! now if only I had a small business of my own to advertise through your lovely little blog


    xx Kirby

  9. Corinna

    isn’t it great we can’t know the future…. it allows us to have such wonderful surprises in life; like how your blog took off!

    ps: did John buy tickets to Barrister Ball? they’re on sale this week! (my John and I are going!)

  10. ceo

    OMG…….. I’m so excited… I’m sure you have a huge list of people wanting to advertise.. I would love to advertise Christina Elaine bags. Way to Go Katie…..


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