Red Rover Red Rover

Forgive me for gushing about pups, but when you have large, snoring pug in your lap half the workday it’s hard to forget them.  These darling canine clothes by Rover Dog are so cute it hurts.  In fact, I think Alfred may “need” the classic trench at top for Christmas.  It’s simply a staple, don’t you think?

13 comments on “Red Rover Red Rover

  1. AnneMarie

    Read the blog daily – absolutely love it – and was super excited to see Rover featured today!!! I would be honored to make a trench for Alfred for christmas. My little pug Ella – featured in the Rover pics – looks too cute for words in hers….

  2. Kirby

    these are all so adorable! I would get one for my pup when I get one.

    and I loved playing red rover when I was in elementary school. gave you an excuse to hold a boys hand. hehe.

    xx Kirby

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