Carey and Keira

Love them.  Wish I were British.  I can’t wait to see Never Let Me Go.  Carey Mulligan just may be my ultimate modern day girl crush.  Tell me, who is yours?  She doesn’t have to be an actress, perhaps she’s a painter or designer or a cupcake maker…


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  1. Brandi

    These two are adorable. I kinda wish I could be best friends with them. Right now, I’d love to be able to hang around with vegan chef Chloe Coscarelli so she could teach me how to make the fantastic things she makes (she also seems super sweet so I’m sure we’d have a blast).

  2. Lauren

    I loved them together in Pride & Prejudice and I know I’ll love them in Never Let Me Go. I think my list of girl crushes is far too long. There are just so many talented young women to look up to these days!

  3. Katie Armour Post author

    Kristen — It’s okay to be cliche sometimes, I loooove Zooey too : )

    Brandi — Googling Chloe the chef now…!

    Chedva — An Education was my favorite movie last year. Such eye candy!

    Abbie — This is why I adore you. I want to be Southern and British too, hahaha.

    Lauren — It is hard to choose, isn’t it? I think that’s a good thing.

    Rachel — The yellow dress is divine, agreed. xx

  4. Rachel

    Ooh! Corinne Bailey Rae! Perhaps I’m biased because I’m told we look alike, but I suppose she’s my muse for that reason.

    This is one of her latest videos, and I promise you you’ll fall in love with something – if not her dress, then her shoes, or just her Parisian escapade in general!

    Okay … I think I’ve just gone nuts on your blog post. Ha! Thank you for moving me to watch this video again : )

  5. k10

    Love Carey’s hair this way! I just took this cut into my hair dresser and had her chop it all off on Saturday. It was a huge change, but I’m loving having short hair!

  6. Emma Kisstina

    You, Katie, are one of my girl crushes, tee hee. I also adore Elsa Billgren…blogged about her today actually. Oh and Kiera and Carey look just too adorable. I totally want to be their BFF!

  7. Elle

    My girl crushes are also British; but they are not that well known yet in the US:

    Gemma Arterton
    Hayley Atwell

    They are so beautiful and so talented!

  8. Casey@HelloLove

    Could they possibly be any more adorable? I am dying for hair that cute… I’ve been considering taking a picture of Carey’s haircut (or yours) to the salon and going for it, but I haven’t quite gotten up the courage! :)

  9. Kate

    Wow! Love these two so much! I would say that Carey is definitely a girl crush, and Kiera has been since I was 17. As for other non-actress girl crushes… there’s a girl in a credit card commercial who says she opened a bar/cupcake shop. Well, I kind of have a crush on her right now. :)


  10. hip hip gin gin

    Oh, I do love these girls so much!! And yes, I too wish I was British. I keep telling my husband he needs to get himself transfered to London. The only problem is I don’t know if I would ever want to move back.
    I think my ultimate girl crush is Zoe Deschanel, I love her music and her movies, and I am forever chasing that haircut!

  11. Kirby

    can I be greedy and have two girl crushes? My first will forever and always be Michelle Kwan. Elegant, beautiful and strong. such a great role model as an athlete and women as I was growing up. my second has to be Natalie Portman. she is educated, sucessful, cultured, extremely smart and not to mention gorgous!


  12. Starr

    I have never seen Keira look so fresh! My girl crush right now is Christina Hendricks. She makes voluptuous look so amazing. And I have always been jealous of beautiful red hair.

  13. Kit

    I am totally smitten with 2 girls…Ashley judd for her brains, grace and humanitarian-ism…and Kate Hudson for her laid back effortless style and light up a room smile. Oddly, they are sooo different and share the same birthday…is it strange that I know that???

    xo Kit

  14. Sarah


    I love Carey. Did you read the article on her in Interview magazine. There were fantastic fashion photos accompanying it too.


  15. sharon trinh

    ahhh i have so many! many are of course, british :) emma watson, keira knightly, carey mulligan, and alexa chung. they’re all so amazing! i also adore zoey deschanel.

    by the way, today i went to anthropologie and i saw the cutest card ever! it had a simple sketch of a pug that immediately reminded me of you! maybe i can try and find it online. once i do, ill message you! :)

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