My New Stationery

When the darling Hanna Brooks Nation of Gadabout offered to create me a set of custom stationery I just about fainted in excitement. It’s not every day a talented artist asks to draw your likeness!  She’d seen photos of my pixie cut so all I had to do was pick my favorite outfit.  From my powder blue oxford to my treasured quilted bag the girl absolutely nailed it!  Hanna’s now offering not only custom illustrations like mine, but also branding and identity packages, business cards, websites, invitations and much more.  You can drool over her fantastic custom portfolio here.  I think the illustrated stationery would make for the most thoughtful birthday and holiday presents, don’t you?  My best friend is already pining after her own set!

Thank you dear Hanna! I never knew I could look so cool : )

28 comments on “My New Stationery

  1. Khanh

    Wow! Those stationery are so cute and very chic. What a great way to personalized them! Hanna is very talented. I would love to have a set of my own. I only hope I can look so chic as you!

  2. Katie Armour Post author

    I just woke up to all of these sweet comments and am beaming ear to ear! So glad you love Hanna’s work as much as I do! And the outfit is really my go-to basic look. I thought of doing a dress or something with more “frills,” but at the end of the day I’m really a jeans, oxford, ballet flats kinda gal : )

  3. quintessence

    Simply adorable. Yes, you should do a variety of different outfits so you have notes for all different occasions. And you could do one where you are holding a bunch of flowers so that you can use it as thank you notes!!

  4. PJ

    This is charming! I usually don’t care for illustrated notecards because they often lack sophistication, but not yours!

  5. Ana

    I’m fairly new to your blog & I must say that i’m officially obsessed! Love seeing all the new posts you have! .. & finally, I’d like to say that this stationary is fabulous! love it!

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