11 comments on “Polka Dots in Paris

  1. Kirby

    so when will you be booking a trip to paris? I do think you should, and report back to us with all your grand adventures!


  2. Lena

    Oh, I feel hard that for that polka dot dress! As for wearing one in Paris, how could anyone turn down an invitation like that?

  3. Katie Armour Post author

    Kirby — Soon I hope! I haven’t been back in years. I miss it so. Stayed with a darling French family one summer and another year for Christmas. I need to get back to visit!

    Lena — Let’s make it happen : )

    Geri — LOVE the marais district. Swoon!

  4. kelly ann

    i have one of these photos on my inspiration tumblr, i love this look so much! she always has impeccable taste.

    let’s all go to paris right now! ;)

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