Hey Babe

Every time I come across a photo of late American socialite Babe Paley I am struck by her loveliness.  Dressed up or down she was always the epitome of elegance and sophistication.  It would seem everything she wore was tailored and edited to perfection.  Women like Babe give me something to aspire towards when it comes to my mess of a wardrobe and for that I am thankful.  Do you relate?

(image onetwo, and four)

13 comments on “Hey Babe

  1. geri

    the lovely first photo, i could stare at all day. gorgeous…. kind of makes you feel like chump change… with that said, i think that you are every bit as elegant and sophisticated as she is katie!

  2. The Zhush

    Have been obsessed with this woman ever since I discovered Truman Capote’s work years ago. She is an ICON! The Slim Aaron photo of her in Jamaica…a real fave! Have never seen these. XX

  3. Maureen Sullivan Stemberg, Interiors


    Wonderful article’s…Especially, *The Babe!* The Cushing sister’s hail from my home town Boston. I brought the Town home in the Back Bay…Where they lived. Believe me,
    walls do speak and I always listen. There’ll never be another Babe. If anyone hasn’t read a book on The Cushing sister’s from Boston, I may suggest I think you would all indeed love it. ~maureen

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