Chez Hadley

This room by Albert Hadley (the legendary decorator’s own sitting room published at bottom by Elle Decor…) is my all-time favorite.  I just adore the bold blue canvas, the wallpaper, the vignette on the table and well, all of it.  Imagine my excitement then when I spotted the never before seen (by me at least!) image at top in T Magazine this week.  It is being featured in ‘The Finest Rooms‘ by Thomas Jayne published by Monacelli Press.  To think, after all these years, another little glimpse of my favorite room!  Do you see how it’s changed?  The love affair continues…

6 comments on “Chez Hadley

  1. Rachel

    I have been following yuor blog for months now and have finally taken the leap to start my own! Scary…. You have been such a great writing inspiration to me. You have a great eye! Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Katie Armour Post author

    Quintessence — It’s on my wish list too!

    Caitlin — You read my mind : ) I haven’t decided yet…

    Rachel — I can’t wait to check out you blog. How exciting! Congratulations!

    Carolyn — What a claim to fame! I would die to meet him someday. What a legend Hadley is…and rightly so!

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