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I’m twenty-four  years old and I only just started drinking coffee.  In fact, up until recently I strongly disliked it.  Everything changed when we received a beautiful little Cuisinart coffee maker as a wedding gift and now I wake up to a hot brewed cup every morning.  So tell me, do you drink coffee?  How many cups a day?  Is it bad that I find myself craving a second cup and it’s only 8:16 am?  Help!

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  1. kristen of present :: considered

    I am the opposite of you! I started drinking coffee when I was in the 8th grade (I like to blame by short stature on this instead of my genes :)) and was a die-hard 4 cupper till about a year ago, when our coffee maker died. I then switched to a double shot of espresso each morning, but then I ran out of espresso one morning and decided to brew some hot tea. Haven’t had a cup of coffee since!

  2. HannahB.

    I’m a one cup every morning sort of girl, but recently I’ve found myself enjoying a cup of coffee when I know we’re going to have a long night out on the town. Helps me stay up past my bedtime!

  3. Katie Armour Post author

    Kate — It’s beginning to be part of my routine. I love it. Too much I fear! : )

    Kate — I LOOOOVE nutella. Reminds me of living in France. Will have to take your advice…

    Kristen — If I were smart I would stop while my coffee habit is young and switch to tea. Don’t know if I am ready to let go yet…the fun has just begun! haha…

    D — Black!? You’re far braver than I am! I add sweetener (so bad for me, I know…) and a dash of milk.

    Hanna B — I should try it for a night out! I am not a night person…

  4. Leslie H.

    Katie, I’m addicted to the stuff. It didn’t help that my parents owned a coffee shop when I was in high school and that was where I worked. You should also try coffee in a press pot. I think it’s the best way to drink brewed coffee. I think that it really exposes all of the beans to all of the water and brings out the best in each cup!

  5. Amber

    I love coffee… I can’t wait until I can drink real coffee again instead of weak decaf! I fantasize about when that day comes… I see myself at the local bookstore, sipping cup after delicious cup until I’m in a caffeine induced frenzy! *sigh*

  6. Kate [Union Jack Creative]

    I’m an addict, and for me it all started with my first job in a law firm, where the free coffee is primarily there (I think) to keep attorneys buzzing at their desks. I had always liked coffee, just not enough to spend money on it daily; when it was suddenly available to me every day for free, I was doomed.

    I haven’t stopped since; I drink it black, two cups in the morning and one in the afternoon. When I finally leave law firms behind, I’ll have to quit. But be warned – my dentist just told me yesterday that my three-cup-a-day habit could pose an acidity problem for my teeth. Yikes!

  7. Meagan

    I looooooove coffee, I have for quite some time now. Even as a kid I liked it but of course I didn’t drink it then. I think I started drinking it when I was 18 or 19? Anyway, I have a cup and a half every day but when I worked at my office job I had a medium latte and in Italy, whew, I would have just kept drinking the espresso if the hubs didn’t stop me! It’s all fine and dandy until you get the shakes though :) Enjoy your new addiction, it has its benefits!

  8. Elizabeth Rose

    Still haven’t warmed up to coffee (except for coffee ice cream), but I do drink copious amounts of tea and soda so I know that’s my caffeine fix. The day cannot start right without a cup of tea!

  9. Katie Armour Post author

    Elizabeth — Yay! I’m part of the club now!

    Kate — Oh my goodness! Note taken. There go my teeth…

    Meagan — The shakes? Yikes. Now I’m scared!

    Elizabeth Rose — So funny because I strongly dislike coffee flavored anything, especially ice cream! Maybe my taste buds will mature now that I’m a big fancy coffee drinker, lol : )

  10. Arabella

    I didn’t start drinking coffee until I was 22. I knew nothing, I thought Maxwell House was acceptable…and then wondered how anyone could stand the stuff.

    After many years I found my addiction is French Press coffee, with beans I grind at home etc. So long Maxwell House ! (ew)

    After I bought this stainless steel puppy, I only need 2 cups a day:

  11. JenLynn

    Personally I’m not a plain coffee drinker, I prefer a good latte or cafe au lait. My boyfriend on the other hand has at least 4-5 cups a day. So a few a day is fine, there are some benefits as long as you don’t switch from water to coffee ;).

  12. Meg

    I WORSHIP coffee. I generally take my French press coffee with sugar and half-and-half, but I like my espresso straight up black. I avoid Starbucks whenever possible. In the morning or afternoon, I’ll go for a cafe au lait or cappuccino, but after dinner? Milk shall not pass these lips, at least not when combined with coffee.

    If you’re looking for good beans, I’d recommend ordering some from Blue Bottle or Stumptown. If you’re really into it, I highly recommend getting a French press. If you’re careful about the temperature of the water (just below boiling is ideal), you’ll see that coffee brewed by steeping (as opposed to drip) is richer, more complex and rounder in flavor than anything you get out of an automatic brewing machine.

    Also cool for steeping is the ultra-70s Chemex flask model. The trick there is to add just enough water to steep/bloom the flavors, then add the rest of the water a few minutes later. It’s kind of a combination of the steep and drip methods, and works pretty well.

    Um, yeah, I have a problem.

  13. Katie Armour Post author

    Arabella — Will check out your French Press, just the name is charming : )

    Quintessence — Stevia is what I use to, bought it at Trader Joe’s yesterday. Is it not bad for me then? Phew.

    Jen Lynn — I have to have milk too. Could never stomach it black!

    Meg — Hahahhaha. I think I need you to come over and give me a personal lesson. Coffee is like fine wine, there is so much to learn!!!

  14. CashmereLibrarian

    I didn’t start drinking coffee until well after college either. We now have a programmable coffee maker which grinds the beans and I wake up to freshly brewed coffee every morning! I usually have two cups in the morning; occasionally one in the afternoon but then it’s more likely tea.

    I do agree with the poster above that French press coffee is the best–Chemex is also good but both take time so save them for weekends! My newest obsession is the illy FrancisFrancis espresso machine. I don’t have one yet but I’m saving up!

  15. KateMcG

    I didn’t start drinking until I started interning at a non-profit a few years ago… I couldn’t get through the crazy days there without my morning coffee… my midmorning coffee… and my afternoon coffee.

    I love the nutella/coffee pairing!!!

    Thanks to my tea snob of a roommate (who I love dearly)- I drink wonderful loose leaf tea each day. I highly recommend the purchase of a darling tea set someday…

    On that note… about to run around the corner to grab another cup of joe.

  16. mary

    Kate- RELAX! Coffee is the number one source of antioxidants in the diets of most Americans! You are doing good for your health!

  17. geri

    oh there is nothing like a great cup of coffee. i started young during college and continued on for many years. i still love my latte now and then. with that said…. tea is a much healthier choice. green tea even better! lots of antioxidants in any tea. while coffee is great tasting, it can cause tummy intestinal type upset, breast fibroids, and the jitters. as you know it’s hard to stop at one cup, especially with a coffee maker. get the press, it makes less. make it only now and then, and try green tea. i drink tazo” zen or china tip” and add vanilla soy milk that i shake to form a foam. my version of a green tea soy misto, or just order one at starbucks and see what you think!

  18. Stephanie

    Want to laugh? 41 and I still drink milk with my breakfast! I never got the coffee bug, though sometimes I do want one as it’s such a social thing, getting a cup of coffee with friends. Oh well, at least my dentist loves me!

  19. Jill

    Mmm, I make coffee every morning. I have exactly one cup every day — down from 3-4 two years ago. The biggest problem with coffee is that is exacerbates migraines long-term (but helps short-term). But it’s just sooo good, and I love the ritual.

    If you use heavier cream, you can use less sweetener (and you only have to use the tiniest bit of cream). Agave syrup is a great alternative to sugar, and doesn’t have the health concerns around it that Stevia and the others do. Happy brewing!!

  20. Shara

    I love waking up in the morning, grinding coffee beans, and making coffee in the french press. We also have an espresso machine that we haven’t used in a little while, it’s a little more work but so indulgent to have a cappuccino first thing in the morning. I try not to drink too much more than once cup a day, although I can’t resist afternoon coffee dates with friends or my husband.

  21. Elizabeth

    i would love to make coffee in a french press or brew espresso in a caffettiera on the stove every morning. alas, i like to sleep in until the last possible second, so the keurig at work does the trick.

  22. Kirby

    I am like you pre-coffee maker. I don’t like it. but tyler is a coffee pro. He is working his way up at good ole starbucks. from what I know 2 cups of coffee is fine. and it only becomes really bad for you if you add lots of sugar. also, my mom is a dental hygenist and can always tell if you drink coffee, so beware of staining!

    good luck!

  23. Danielle

    Welcome to the caffeinated club! I also have and love the french press–makes any coffee even better!
    You must get yourself over to trader joe’s and try their delicious and fabulously cheap blends…so much better than Starbucks, seriously. I take my little to-go mug on the Metro with me every morning.

  24. Ginta

    I start my day with the biggest cup of coffee possible – it’s my daily ritual and I love it. I don’t know if caffeine really does anything for me I just love the process.

  25. Corinna

    we set ours to automatically brew 10 delicious cups in the morning; the smell fills the house; it is the ONLY thing that pulls me out of bed on these now dark morning! i fear im addicted, but i can’t bring myself to break the habit! (what will i do when i’m pregnant?!)
    also, studies have shown that caffeine from coffee beans helps ward off Alzheimer’s! and increase your productivity!

  26. Emily Armour

    If Tony would let me, I’d set my coffee maker up on the bedside table with the timer set.
    I never really started drinking coffee until I started working at the Freshy and had gourmet blend Arabica coffee at my fingertips all day. I started out a cup or so a day and eventually was drinking 4 cups a day, black.
    Buuut.. I’ve cut down.
    Crest White Strips, though! :)

  27. Monica

    Ah coffee! Such a lovely addiction.
    My favorite is definitely drinking it from a french press, but alas ours broke awhile back, so its back to regular brewed coffee. I am definitely a two-cup per day girl, with a little half-n-half please, but lattes are a delight!

    Just try not to become Mr. Blanding’s wife. In the opening scene, he trudges through the house to bring her a cup in bed, and the way it wakes her up is hysterical – do watch it if you don’t know what I mean!

  28. Kit

    I just started coffee 6 mos ago and I am 39! I never drank coffee in college,I was an art student and it made my hands shake. I had a love affair with diet coke and gave it up last year on my quest to be as mentally and physically fit (as possible) by my 40th b-day…next September. I do organic coffee w/organic 2 % milk sweetened with agave…I drink it iced in an eco-cup!

    xo Kit

  29. Joanna

    I adore coffee (as well as tea). I’m typically a cappuccino or latte drinker, though I’ve been meaning to get myself a french press in an effort to save some money. I second the Blue Bottle love, by the way; if I lived in San Francisco, I’d be there most days of the week. The coffee there is incredible. Oh, and Meg’s right, always use water that is below boiling (the same goes for when you’re making tea–use tea leaves, not bags!). Boiling water brings out the most bitter parts of the tea and coffee.

    Coffee/tea rant over. :-)

  30. Katie Armour Post author

    Oh my goodness—I never expected this kind of response, you’re all coffee experts!!! I am so enjoying reading all your little tips. I know so little and you all know SO much! And as for the tea drinkers—cheers to you as well. I need to drink more tea. I love the ritual of it. So quaint and English ; )


  31. Leslie H.

    Katie, the best press pot to get is the Bodum double walled one that they sell at Williams-Sonoma. Bodum is great because you can go online to their website and order replacement parts when you need them. I’ve broken my glass carafe about 4 times and just ordered a new insert for about $15. LOVE THEM!

  32. Amanda

    On my fourth cup of the day… Started in college what my best friend and I used to label “prostitutes” (i.e., coffee prostituting itself as dessert). Vanilla, mocha, frappucino, etc. I now drink it black and am not beneath straight shots of espresso.

    Question for in response to a tweet I saw from Jordan Ferney re a trademark lawyer. Do attorneys ever speak at the blogger conferences?

  33. Arianna Belle

    I started drinking in coffee in college and got into it more when I got a “grown up” job. Once I quit the stressful corporate world I started taking care of my health more and drank less of it. After learning about its acidity and negative effects, I’ve tried to give it up completely but I love the taste of it so much I allow myself one decaf cup a day :-)

  34. Jennie

    I have a major love/hate relationship with coffee… Some weeks (or months?) I love it, some days I decide to quit and throw it all out! I do like a french press (I have two, we use them more often for tea) but the coffee maker is easier most mornings.

    Right now I’m drinking (two sugar cubes, skim milk):
    but also love Community Coffee New Orleans Blend, but I think it’s a southern thing:

  35. Casey Jay

    I worked in a coffee shop throughout high school, so I’ve been addicted to coffee for years! I like to keep it simple though: if I’m drinking espresso, I go for an Americano (with one splenda, no cream). Most days though, I fill up my little classic green-and-stainless-steel Stanley vacuum bottle with home-brewed black drip to keep me awake once I make it into the office!

  36. Hana

    Waking up to a fresh cup is wonderful, isn’t it?! I’ll usually have a half a cup of coffee in the morning and then enjoy a slow, lingering cup after I eat lunch. I’m a teacher and work with young children, so that late afternoon boost is just what I need. Anything is fine in moderation! xo

  37. Cookie and Kate

    Ah! We’re the same age but I’ve been drinking coffee for a few years. I was an occasional coffee drinker until I got an office job last year that requires me to wake up at an ungodly hour. I drink an entire mini-pot of strong coffee in the morning… with a splash of milk.

  38. benson

    oh my goodness…we go to bed dreaming of our first cup of coffee in the morning. It’s a ritual…the warmth; the smell; the starting your day. Good coffee means a great morning.

  39. Erika

    I am 24 as well and I still have yet to turn over to the dark side. I really don’t like the taste of coffee at all although I wish I did because I feel like I am missing out! Maybe a Cuisinart Coffee Maker is just the ticket. Have a good weekend!

  40. Laura

    I began drinking coffee after I returned from a semester of living in Rome, Italy. I “did as the Romans did” and had a cappuccino every morning with a cornetto and a cafe (espresso) every afternoon with an almond cookie. It was glamorous and normal at the same time. I can’t quite get that Roman taste here in Arkansas but the routine is the same! Every now and then I dream of that wonderful, blissful life style without such responsibility……..

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