I Have Hips

It’s true, I am a proud pear shape.  I am several sizes smaller on top than I am on bottom and because of this every season I find myself searching high and low for flattering a-line or bell skirts that accentuate my small waist without hugging my rather roomy lower half.  Well finally (and I honestly think I have beautiful, curvaceous gals of Mad Men to thank) retailers are granting me my wish!  This season J.Crew has not one, but a bevy of options!  Above, the taffeta marvelle mini, sequin mesh bell skirt, wool bell skirt and the duchess bell skirt.  They all come in a variety of colors and worn belted high at the waist with fun tights they will be my go-to look this fall.  Thank you J.Crew for allowing us to embrace and flatter our curves!

And now that I’ve put this out for the world to know, do I have any fellow pears reading?  Go team!

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  1. Kiri Woods

    I never really thought about it until now- but i have always been the same size on top as i am on the bottom- no matter how big or small- You trudge through life unaware of others fashion dilemmas absorbed in our own- at least thats what i did.

  2. Lindsay

    I’m a proud pear too! Sounds so silly to be writing that but it’s true. I love love the sequin bell skirt but found when I tried it on that it actually added to my lower half. I was very sad to walk away from it. Make sure you try on! xo

  3. Katie Armour Post author

    Kiri — Thanks for sharing, I always love your comments. You’re a lucky gal! I’m literally 2 sizes different from top to bottom. It makes shopping an adventure! Thankfully I’ve learned to embrace it : ) It’s not about wearing the latest “it” fads, but flattering your own figure (wish I’d learned this sooner)!

    Lindsay — Yay, I’m not alone : ) I will be sure to try this on first—thanks for the tip! I usually go with dark, simple colors on bottom so as not to accentuate, hahaha. xx

  4. Taylor

    I am not on your team, boo! But I do like every single one of these skirts! I have the grey in last years version and I LOVE it!!!!

    I have been lusting of the sequin one for a while now….thinking I need it (Can I still buy it if a close friend just did?!)

  5. Jenna

    I’m a proud pear! I’m 2 sizes different on the bottom too. LOVING these options and your proud declaration!

  6. Katie Armour Post author

    Jen Lynn — Cheers!!

    Betty — Oh this is fun, I’m not alone!! Welcome : )

    Ginnybranch Stelling — I so relate!!! Once I was four sizes different. Glad to hear I’m not freakishly abnormal hahaha xx

    Chedva — I know! We can all be duchess for a day now! : )

  7. royaltygirl

    I am loving these skirts! I just did a post on how kate spade only has one full skirt this fall. I loved the Kate Spade Esti skirt and own about 5 of them. I am def. visiting jcrew to check out these skirts. Thank you for the heads-up!

  8. Katie Nickelo

    Go team pear! These skirts are so pretty! I am especially fond of the wool bell skirt – perfect for fall/winter : )

  9. ET

    Oh yes! Definite pear. My waist is about a 2/4 but my hips (which I have grown to love and embrace) are a solid 6. Pencil skirts are almost always a no-go, but I love a great A-line or bell cut. The better to twirl around with, my dear.

    Cheers – existenceET.blogspot.com

  10. Danielle

    While not a pear, I’m an hourglass and have the same small waist, larger bottom problem. Already invested in some skirts for the fall–will look into these now! Yay curves :)

  11. Danielle

    Katie, your post made my day! Totally agreed on the Mad Men influence. Another huge perk–cinching waist belts are a pear’s best friend–great justification for fun accessories!

  12. Katie Armour Post author

    Look at all of these beautiful curvy readers I have. Love that you too, embrace them. We are all going to knock ’em dead this fall with our bell skirts : ) Go Neo-Trads!

  13. HannahB.

    I started sewing my own skirts when I was little… a skill that came in super handy when I was in high school and everyone else was a stick while I got the hips. I too am thrilled with this season’s options! In fact, I picked up a great skirt for something like 70% off at Banana on Tues night!

  14. Colette

    Another pear here! I used to joke that I had “birthing hips”. Who knew- two almost 10lb babies later- it was true!!!
    I just concentrate on complimenting my waist and upper half and stay away from the leggings….

  15. Joanna

    This pear will chime in. It’s nice to see so many of us out there! I’m constantly searching for jeans that will flatter and accentuate my small waist and ample bottom. I’ve said “no” to skirts for the past several seasons; it’s refreshing to see an A-line length coming back into fashion.

  16. kayla @ exquisite banana

    Katie, I have the opposite problem. I’m fairly petite everywhere at 5 feet tall, except I have a size DD chest! I’m finally starting to embrace my bodacious curves up top (for awhile, I felt like that was all people saw and I hated feeling that way).

  17. Katie Armour Post author

    Kayla — Ohh but you’re lucky to have such beautiful assets ; ) Though I totally understand. It’s all about dressing in a way that flatters us each individually, isn’t it? Sadly, it’s not always easy! Good for you for embracing it…it’s something we all work on!

  18. Elle

    I have a hour glass figure. But I have the same problem. Trying to find a skirt that looks great on a woman with hips seems to be a huge problem for me. I stick to the 1950’s as a reference to make sure that I dress to flatter my figure.

  19. Katy

    Pear here too! I got the gray one the other day. My John said I should get one in a different color. I love that it has elastic waist but doesn’t look like the leggings my mom wore in the 80’s! I think it will flatter almost anyone. Will have to check out the others, thanks Kate!

  20. Katie Armour Post author

    Elle — The 1950’s is a perfect reference for any pear of hour-glass gal. Good call : )

    Katy — Ohhh I definitely need to pick the grey up for myself! The elastic waist is so practical and you would never even notice it when worn with a cute belt. Great minds think alike! xx

  21. Felicity

    I love all of those skirts! I’m another pear shapes girl (who knew there were so many of us?) and I think I’m going to check out a few (or all!) of the skirts you’ve posted. I’ve found, when compared to pants, that skirts can be much more forgiving of a small waist/larger hips combination. Make me wonder how I lived for so many years without wearing them!

  22. kelly ann

    i totally understand! i’m in between a pear-shape and an hourglass shape, and i’m always on the hunt for cute, flowy skirt that are super flattering for women with hips! ;) i think a lot of retailers are slowly realizing that not all of us are a size 2, and that makes me really happy!

    when i opened to my j.crew catalogue and saw that sequined skirt… my heart melted a little. ;) wouldn’t that be cute paired with some tights and a pretty sweater for holiday parties?

  23. Susan

    proud hourglass here…and yes, understand the search…also very thankful that curves are being embraced again, as they should be! :)

  24. Cookie and Kate

    Funny, I’ve always loved skirts with a little bit of poof (see the gold sequined skirt) because they give the illusion that I have hips. I’m straight as a board–my bottoms tend to be a little smaller than my tops! I suppose this proves the skirt is universally flattering. All the more reason to buy it!

  25. Sofia

    Thank you for this post! My last shopping excursion was a little disheartening. Every skirt that caught my eye was of the dreaded pencil variety. Three cheers for hips!

  26. Rachel Q

    I’m an apple with a rather straight figure and am definitely top heavy, so I have to stick to pencil skirts and forgo these gorgeous flowy ones. I’ll admire them on all you lovely pear shapes!

  27. Claudia

    I’m a pear too!
    your skirt choices are great. Especially I like the first one. Do you have any ideas for dresses? This A-line dresses or babydoll-dresses always look awful on me.

    But maybe we have to wait for more mad men :D

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