10 comments on “A little glimpse…

  1. Kit

    Happy painting! I just painted our small( did I mention small) third floor space Tiffany blue with white-washed floors…a fun look for our beachy cottage!

    I LOVE house stuff!!!! Have fun!!!

    xo Kit

  2. quintessence

    Love your little vignette – together and the individual pieces! The pale pink of the shell looks beautiful with everything else – perhaps a nice color to bring in somehow (I don’t mean as the walls). Good luck with your painting!

  3. Katie Armour Post author

    Kit — How fun! That sounds lovely. What a perfect color combo : )

    Quintessence — Oh I would do the walls pink (I love color!), but the vintage sofa we bought is a pale apricot-pink! Thanks for the well wishes!

  4. Sarah York

    That leopard chair is the cutest! I love seeing bloggers personal homes. So fun to see how they decorate and style them. Thanks for sharing, and good luck painting! Always a harder job than it looks… ;)

  5. Hana

    I’m in the middle of painting our apartment white too, warm white though… Sparkling Wine by Benjamin Moore (love the name). Can’t wait to see what you end up doing, with your eye, I know it will be fabulous. xo

    p.s. I think I just refurbished a chair just like the one in your photo! maybe? http://thefourteenthchair.com/?p=234

  6. Teresa

    Oh, ot’s so nice to welcome this starting-to-get-chilly weekends with a bricolage or craft project in mind… :dream:

    Have Fun and Enjoy!!!

  7. Victoria

    Have fun! I always have some or other little home project in the pipeline..
    Just now dining chair redo. Check it out!
    Happy weekend, love all your posts – on the scarves above too!

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