Bon weekend!

I’m rushing to get ready for lunch in the city (sailor stripes, skinny jeans, ballet flats, go!), but just wanted to wish you all a lovely fall weekend.  The discussion on beautiful pear-shaped bodies and tasty coffee yesterday had me smiling ear to ear.  You ladies really are the best!  This weekend my older brother is visiting, I may be painting the apartment and I’m meeting up with some of my talented blogging friends.  I’m also picking up a pair of the new Kate Spade jeans (they spoil me so!)—I can’t wait!  What fun adventures do you have planned?  Cookie baking, treasure hunting, watercolor painting?  I want to hear! xx

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  1. caroline

    Lots of coffee will be consumed this weekend!! Baking on Saturday. And crafts all day Sunday … just treated myself to a new anthro wool sweater that has me entirely giddy. Oh and a yoga practice or two is on my agenda. Love from one pear shaped lady to another!!! I would love to meet you maybe over coffee. Cheers!! XO

  2. Emma Kisstina

    That sounds lovely! I too have a wonderful weekend planned. Believe it or not but we had our first SNOW STORM so I must go to town and stock up on tons of thick stockings, and over the knee socks…so I can still wear my pretty skirts and dresses with out freezing my bum off. Then I shall have a little family meeting and sight seeing tour of one of the prettiest little towns in Sweden. xoxo

  3. Stephanie

    You are too cute – birthday celebrations for me, and football, softball, and school dances for the kiddies…add in a fall bake sale and we’re all set! Have a great weekend!

  4. Lena

    Sailor strips and skinny jeans-perfect! Have a fabulous time (don’t forget your umbrella) this weekend! John has requested an enormous brunch tomorrow morning, so I think I’ll start prepping tonight! And I’ve crazy for Christmas-picking up wrapping paper tonight!

  5. Kirby

    your weekend sounds fantastic! Tomorrow is my birthday and the anniversary of our engagement! so tonight tyler is taking me out for dinner and tomorrow is a party with some friends. I hear it is supposed to rain, so I’ll probably stay in and relax, maybe watch a movie or read.

    have a great weekend!! I love painting!

    xo Kirby

  6. Joanna

    Everyone’s weekends sound so charming! I have a “crab feast” tomorrow–fresh crabs will be flown in from Maryland and we’ll be happily shelling, noshing, and drinking champagne. Sunday is breakfast with a friend (think Valrhona chocolate croissants and cafe au laits–yummy!). And lots and lots of Halloween reading. I read ‘The Legend of Sleepy Hollow’ at this time of year, ever year. It’s a literary tradition of mine. :-)

    With sailor stripes, skinnies, and ballet flats, you just can’t go wrong! Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

  7. alex

    katie, sounds like lots of fun! i’m dying to see your apt. that teaser pic was…wait for it…such a tease! this weekend i have my three beautiful california cousins in, much more like sisters. and we’re off to explore the city. i absolutely love new york, but its so fun to see it through a fresh pair of eyes. hope you have a great weekend!

  8. Brandi

    Actually, I did just bake cookies! Tomorrow morning I’m driving up to LA for breakfast with a friend and then a foodie party with another friend, dinner, and a drive home. I’m so very excited! Hope you have a beautiful weekend, Katie!

  9. Debby

    Lucky girl… are they the Broome jeans? I LOVE those! I am loving the blue Hydrangeas… my fav… my yard is full of them in the summer months. Have a nice lunch in the city. xo

  10. Kit

    I am cracking up, As I sit and type this I am wearing sailor stripes and skinny jeans!!!! I added oodles of pearls and silver chains, red nails and silver flip~flops (as it is 70 here in NJ today!)

    I hope you enjoy a fabulous lunch, and I cannot wait for a full review of the Kate Spade jeans…perhaps a photo shoot…in your freshly painted home???

    xo Kit

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