Merry Moffat

I am a wee bit OBSESSED with Lauren Moffat’s spring 2011 collection.  I hope you are too because I just spent 30 minutes arranging the pictures in Word and taking screen shots to make this post (someone needs to invest in Photoshop…).  Seriously though, it’s called “the honeymooner and what she packed” and was inspired by a vintage dress that Lauren’s mother wore on her own honeymoon…so neo-traditional, SO in love.

20 comments on “Merry Moffat

  1. BB Wooten

    Thanks for taking the time to share each of those images because I love all of them so much! The top blue and white dress is so precious. Even a prego like me could look cute in that sweet little number!

  2. a lovely being

    oh god, I saw this! that scalloped cape? I d-i-e. I need it/her entire collection. it’s almost like porthault linens in clothing form. I think we all know that I’d happily drape myself in porthault pink heart sheets in lieu of clothing if I could..

    but, you know what you need to do?! have your little brother get you photoshop using his student discount. it’s only $200 that way! or at least that’s how much it cost for me last year when I used my student discount. I swear, photoshop will change your life!


  3. ashley

    i posted some pieces from her collection this week and am totally obsessed too! seriously every time she reveals her new collection I fall head over heals! all the red white and blue numbers are fabulous and I think i need them to represent some American pride over here!
    have a fabulous weekend and have fun with Andrew- tell him i say hello!

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