Rikshaw Reverie

My love of (okay, more like obsession withRikshaw Design is no secret, but this time Catherine truly blew me away with her incredible styling skills.  These images from her latest photo shoot make me want to surround myself in clouds of colorful block print bedding and have a never-ending slumber party.  Whimsical, boho chic at its very, very best.

17 comments on “Rikshaw Reverie

  1. Katie Armour Post author

    Rikshaw — Stop it. You know I’m always happy to gush about things I love. Hope your week is off to a goods start.

    Lena — I concur : )

    La Maison Fou — Aren’t they the cutest of patterns? I’m so in love with them all!

  2. Kit

    I just posted on Rickshaw about the sheer beauty of her gorgeous bedding and clothing…I get sooo many compliments on my Rickshaw Tuxedo Shirt!!!

    How are the Kate Spade jeans???

    xo Kit

  3. kbd

    love Rickshaw goodies! I’m currently redecorating my bedroom, but as soon as that’s done… I can see some lovely pink elephants parading through the spare bedroom!

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