East Coast Autumn

These shots from the November Harper’s Bazaar have me longing for an east coast autumn.  Mr. Armour and I have gone to Maine to see his family for the past two Thanksgivings and are so sad we won’t be making it this year.  I’ll just have to wrap myself in tweed and knits and pretend!  Where will you be spending Thanksgiving this year my loves?

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  1. Elizabeth

    I’m in D.C. and the leaves are so beautiful right now! I’m excited to break out my tights and hats.

    I will be in Heidelberg, Germany, for Thanksgiving visiting my mom, and I’m so excited!

  2. Katie Armour Post author

    Elizabeth — Ohhh I bet D.C. is just lovely this time of year. My roommate from college in Switzerland was an American from Heidelberg—does your mom live on base? I never visited and so regret it, it’s supposed to be the most magical city!

  3. Sally

    I’ll don the tweeds and knits for you my dear. I’ll be in the gorgeous mountains of North Carolina. We’ll be staying in a big, rustic cabin with lots of family and lots of fires in the fireplaces. I’ll be making the croissant bread pudding this year with bourbon butter sauce. Yum.

  4. Katie Armour Post author

    Sally — I am so jealous right now! North Carolina is so beautiful (did you know I lived in West Virginia for a year?!). I wish I could have a bite of that croissant! Lucky gal! xx

  5. rikshaw design

    i love turkey day here! this year family is coming out for it and we will do the turkey trot on the beach in the city!..its so pretty usually and too short to fly with the masses!

  6. Casey@HelloLove

    In New England, in fact! I’ll be here in Boston with my new husband, and unfortunately work schedules made it impossible to be with family. I’m looking forward to making a huge Thanksgiving dinner for two (I’m thinking mostly sweet potato casserole and wine) and having a quiet night at home! :)

  7. Eleanor

    Oh, where in Maine???
    It is my favorite place in the whole wide world and my hubby and I plan on moving there within the next 3 years!

    Nothing beats a New England autumn….nothing.

  8. Joanna

    ^P.S. For some reason, the link I provided doesn’t work. But if you’re curious to take a peek, just go to the November 2008 section on my blog. Apologies!

  9. Katie Armour Post author

    Rikshaw — How fun, I love your family.

    Casey — I’m so jealous! I need to get back to Boston sometime soon to explore more. Your quiet night for two sounds lovely.

    Dancing Branflake — What’s old is new again : )

    Eleanor — John’s family live waaaay up north by the Canadian border, but we always make a road trip of it and stop at bed and breakfasts in Portsmouth, Portland or Kennebunk on the way up. So jealous you’re moving up there!

    Joanna — I know a boy from Petaluma! Beautiful part of the state and that barn is fantastic! I found it in your archives, don’t worry : )

  10. Ashley

    Katie, I’ll be in Maine! My parents and I have been spending Thanksgiving with our extendeds in Maine forever and there’s nothing like it. I especially like our family tradition of Black Friday shopping, which usually amounts to us checking out all of the wonderful antique places the state has to offer.

    Oh, wow, you’ve gotten me excited for Thanksgiving already!

  11. Katie Armour Post author

    Ashley — Stop it! So envious!!! I love all the little antique shops on route one and of course a quick stop at the outlets in Freeport. I bought my first pair of bean boots (I grew up by the beach in CA) from the L.L.Bean outlet there last year! Enjoy every minute of it!!! xox

  12. Lindsay

    I’m from the North-East (no matter where we lived it was always an hour or less from the city) and I absolutely LOVE this post! I want everything! (But if I had to choose…the scarf and skirt in number 3 are my faves).
    I looooove CH, but nobody does autumn like the north-east! (In my humble opinion… :) )

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