I Heart Jane Post

The moment I laid eyes on the darling coats of Jane Post I was hooked.  The designer, Jane Lipman Post (coolest name ever…), was coaxed out of retirement by Saks Fifth Avenue to create her new eponymous label and I am so very glad she’s back!  Her coats and rainwear feature stylish quirks like the leopard print lining above—be still my heart!  This quilted duffle coat is going straight to the top of my Christmas list!

13 comments on “I Heart Jane Post

  1. Keira

    I know! Her coats are fabulous and just wonderful quality! They’ll never go out of style, that’s for sure. ^_^

  2. Maureen Sullivan Stemberg, Interiors


    I thought you meant you love the way the first model looks. You happen to look just like her!! Oh the coats are beyond Fab. I can’t wait to get to Saks. I still have two of her coats…They were refer to as *dusters.* You can tell I am coming up for a big birthday 5…..Great post!

  3. Kiki

    Saks here I come! It’ll be a stampede, I just love her coats and these designs are fab! Even my boyfriend wants to come shopping with me…..he thinks he can try on the model whilst I try the coat…..men!!!

  4. LBW

    I love Jane Post coats – they are the chicest out there! Who is that stunning model? She should be on the next cover of Vogue!!!!

  5. Isabel G

    simply beautiful! the designer used to design for Drizzle and i still have some of her coats from back then. so so happy she is back!!

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