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Anthropologie is now selling select pieces from Doyle and Doyle, one of my favorite New York jewelers, and this vintage Edwardian Heart Ring is simply to die for.  Wouldn’t it make the coolest, most romantic engagement ring?  The pearl is surrounded by thirteen rose cut diamonds and I love the yellow gold.  My engagement ring is a bit unconventional—it’s the pave diamond love knot from Finn Jewelry in set in platinum and I pair it with a very thin yellow gold band.  What does your engagement ring look like (real or dream!)?  Are you traditional or do you envision yourself having something more unique?

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  1. Annie MacDougall

    LOVE this post Kate! I also really like your engagement ring. I’m definitely the unconventional type, always looking for my future unique engagement ring :)

  2. jane

    i’m traditional with a twist – my wedding band and engagement ring are both doyle and doyle pieces from the 1930s… so unique yet conventional. i’m in LOVE with them both.
    you can’t go wrong with their jewelry! XOX

  3. Katie Armour Post author

    Annie — I’ve been saving photos of ring ideas since the age of 8, I understand. Can’t wait to see what you end up with. Thanks for commenting, so fun to hear from you! xx

    Jane — I LOVE your rings too! Go Doyle!!

  4. Karen

    I have a new ring with a vintage flare. The center stone is a princess cut sapphire with a grouping of 3 small diamonds on either side. Its so Old Hollywood, I love it :o).

  5. Katie Armour Post author

    Karen — That sounds so glamorous! Love the old Hollywood vibe. Well done : )

    Lena — Ahhh I love your bow so much, but you already knew that : )

    MT — If anyone could find one it would be you! xx

  6. Kirby

    My favorite thing to talk about to people! My wedding ring he designed himself(with the help of an expert). The center stone is round and was in his late grandmothers ring. there are two smaller square stones to on each side. one of which is from his grandmothers righ aswell. the band is gold, which I LOVE! I’ve always wanted a gold ring!

    xo Kirby

  7. Eva

    Wow, this ring is irresistible! I personally love heirlooms- how special to receive a piece of history from the family you’re about to join!

  8. Christina

    Ok I definitely want something on the nontraditional side and this is beautiful. There are a lot of beautiful traditional rings as well. What a hard choice.

  9. Katie

    My ring is a mixture of simple and unique… I love the look of a more un-traditional ring. My fiance designed mine with Blanca Monros Gomez, and I couldn’t have picked it better myself!

  10. benson

    I have a stack of three Cathy Waterman rings that serve as engagement and wedding rings…sigh. LOVE them and I only wish my fingers were longer to (eventually) hold more and more of them.

  11. Deanna (Silly Goose Farm)

    My engagement ring is a 1.5 carat greem tourmaline (it was originally set with an emerald, but the jeweler knew how clumsy I was and suggested this stone instead, as it’s the same color but much stronger). It’s oval-shaped and is set in white gold. The “short” sides of the oval are surrounded with pave diamonds. It’s set high, on top of two bands of pave diamonds on either side that are open in the middle to make a “v” and show my finger a little. On either side of the point where the main stone setting and the band meet, there is a rose gold circle with a small green diamond inset. So beautiful, when I saw it for the first time I couldn’t believe it was new, it looks antique!

  12. Deanna (Silly Goose Farm)

    Oh, and my wedding band is also a thin white gold band with pave diamonds around half of it. It looks great with or without the engagement ring. I’d love to pass my ring on to my daughter or (future) grandchild if they’d like it, and maybe get a matching band with colored stones to stack on top of it.

  13. Katie Armour Post author

    Oh my gosh—I LOVE you ladies. I am a big jewelry fan and am having so much fun learning about your gems. I think it says so much about a person—don’t you? Love being a girl…

  14. sharon trinh

    i know i’m way too young to know what i want in an engagement ring but i believe that an engagement ring should represent the relationship as a whole, a ring that i can pass down generation after generation.

  15. pve

    mine is a tiffany diamond and a narrow band. the ring is seriously almost worn out, to a thin edge. I have been warned to re-set it. I love the thinness of it. my dream would be a canary diamond in the shape of a four leaf clover.
    i was born on st. patty’s day. that or an emerald….

  16. ashley

    What a fun post! I love reading about all these unique rings! We are working on designing mine now, and almost finished :) I was lucky enough to inherit a diamond from my grandmother right around the same time as we got engaged, which was a total coincidence, but makes it so much more special. Although I definitely would not have had a diamond had it not come from family, it was really fun starting from scratch and designing something all my own.
    and ps. I LOVE your ring!!

  17. Eleanor

    My husband presented me with a 1930s engagement ring he found in an antique store on Christmas morning 2000.
    The diamond is in a square setting surrounded by little diamond chips.
    I could never have asked for a more perfect ring.
    We needed to have a new band put on it, and it we discovered it is platinum and ended up appraised at over 3X what hubby paid for it!

  18. Cory

    My engagement ring is from Doyle & Doyle too! They are the best. It’s an oval-shaped yellow topaz set in platinum with diamonds and filigree. I absolutely love it- but I think it sometimes confuses people that I don’t have a diamond!!

  19. maria

    I love these engagement rings! My engagement ring is a bit more on the “traditional” side of the “neo-traditional”: it’s a three stone ring that my husband designed himself. He worked in NYC’s Diamond District for about 5 years; the company he worked for specialized specifically in yellow and colored diamonds so the side stones of my e-ring are yellow diamonds from Australia (it took him 6 months to find a perfect matching pair). He picked out the center stone the second or third year we were dating. I love it because it’s a bit of a twist on your classic 3-stone ring and is different, but can be something passed down.

    My wedding ring is also custom-designed by him (perhaps this the “neo” part?): a thin white gold band with 5 small yellow diamonds set equidistant into it. His wedding ring has white ones.

  20. Decor Arts Now

    Bummer the link didn’t work to see your ring.
    My ring is very unconventional.
    It is a rectangular cushion cut blue sapphire flanked on either side with 2 diamond baguettes set in platinum.
    For most of my 22 years of marriage I wore it alone on my right-hand. I liked the simplicity of a wedding band alone on my left hand. My original band is white gold with a small ring of yellow gold on the top and bottom . Have always loved mixing metals..
    I saw originally ’cause Larry bought me a diamond wedding band of square baguettes JUST BECAUSE! ( no event) a few years back to pair with the sapphire. Now I wear the original band on the right hand!,

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