A Portrait of Grace

Love these photos of Grace Kelly snapped in March 1954, one month before she wed Prince Ranier III and became Her Serene Highness the Princess of Monaco.  Isn’t the shape of her gown absolute perfection?

(via Life Magazine)

11 comments on “A Portrait of Grace

  1. alex

    incredible! i love the look of drapey loose fitting stuff which i often pair with skinny jeans, but this reminds me how nice it is when the clothes do the work for you ala this tailored dress.

  2. Paige

    Grace Kelly is my all-time favorite movie star and I have the first photo on my wall to remind myself to be ladylike. She’s so classic.
    On a side note, my favorite quote from 30 Rock is when Jenna Maroney says, “You know I’ve always reminded myself of Grace Kelly!”

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