Minted. Holiday Card Giveaway

I am so very excited to announce that today I’ll be giving away a set of custom holiday greeting cards from Minted.!  The winner will receive 100 holiday cards of their choice with envelope liners, skinny wrap address labels, and coordinated backers!  In case you’re not familiar with Minted, the brilliant company “crowdsources” their designs meaning they hold monthly competitions for new content that are entered by designers around the world.  Customers and designers then vote online and Minted sells the top entries.  I l-o-v-e their ever evolving, fresh selection!

To enter simply visit Minted.’s site and tell me which holiday greet card you would choose and why.  It can be with or without a photo—totally up to you!  I’ll pick the winner Monday morning at 10am EST.  Good luck!

UPDATE: The winner is #17, Sweet Nothings!  Congratulations!

126 comments on “Minted. Holiday Card Giveaway

  1. Kristine

    Oh my goodness, I am in love with the champagne holiday non-photo cards. The red and gold is such a classic combination and the design is fantastic!

  2. Annie Hall

    I’m totally smitted with the Making Spirits Bright cards in the yearline styling. We had lots of *big* events this year and I think the yearline card offers such a compelling way to visually hit the highlights without having to use tons of text heavy narrative. Plus, they are super cute and the qaulity of paper choice is really top notch. What a stellar giveaway Miss Kate.

  3. Stacie

    Wow, so many cute designs! I think my fav is the warm wishes card w/ the yearline inside. *fingers crossed*

  4. Susan

    Great giveaway…I love the “very merry holiday” photo card…simple & elegant. We have our holiday photo chosen (one from our europe trip) and it would fit perfectly. :)

  5. carolyn

    oh yay! this means christmas is getting closer :)

    i just adore the joyeux noel rudolf card. so clever and of course, obsessed with all things french. :)

    – carolyn

  6. Stephanie

    I’d pick the Winter Chic holiday photo cards…it’s become tradition to include our 3 kitties in our holiday card each year, and this design would be perfect!

  7. Lena

    Such a divine collection-I was just perusing these the other day! I’m torn between the pearls on a string (I’m a sucker for anything Art Deco) and the airmail holiday card, because who can say no to Airmail? What a fabulous giveaway!

  8. Sweet Nothings

    OMG! def the “dont tell Santa!” bc GEorge, my boston Terrier, has his Christmas portrait next week in his Santa Costume reaady to go! I JUST LOVE MINTED!

    Great giveaway xoxo!

  9. Jordan

    Oh my gosh, I have been searching for something like this for my family’s Christmas cards this year! I would definitely choose the Woodland Wonderland Holiday Photo Card because it’s a very fun, not too serious card which would go GREAT with our family photo (Labs & Mini Schnauzer included). I really hope that this can happen because I showed them all the cards & they LOVED them!

  10. Elizabeth

    Ooooh I have always loved! Such a great site (and great giveaway!). If I had my pick, I’d choose the “Making Spirits Bright” Photo Cards. So sweet!

  11. Elizabeth

    I love the Peace Love and Bop by Alex Echo designs! A neat way to show my obsession for pink but also keeping it cool!

    Katie I haven’t told you yet, but I am really falling in love with your blog! Thank you for updating it so much during the day and giving me style inspiration! You are a treat to read.

  12. Meghan

    I adore the holiday delights holiday non-photo cards by oscar & emma! Who doesn’t want to be delighted this holiday season (and all of 2011 for that matter!). A cute and clever greeting.

  13. sara

    Joyeux Noel + Reindeer Holiday Non-Photo Cards by Emily Ranneby. In love with these for two reasons… 1 – the reindeer antlers are reminiscent of the Moose I love to see here in Maine. 2 – I love the line “that is filled with love and laughter” – this is making me crave Christmas morning, in pj’s, sitting on the floor, under the tree, with the nieces and nephews tearing into all their new goodies!

  14. Brianti

    I love the “Bowtie Holiday Photo Cards.”

    I would love to win this because my mom used print holiday cards with photos of me and my three sisters from home when I was in high school because we never had enough money to have them professionally printed. Now we no longer have a working computer or printer for her to make the cards with. I’m putting myself through college right now, so I can never really afford to get my family presents. I think winning this would be a great gift for my mom.

  15. Nancy

    The Minted website is so cute! I am really in love with all of the Holiday cards, though I have to say my fav is “Float + Cheers to You.” I love YOUR website too; thanks for making my day, every day!!

  16. Colleen

    I’d choose the Champagne Holiday Non-Photo card! I love the mix of fonts and the graphic envelope liner! We’re expecting our first child this January, so I like the idea of doing a non-photo card this year as my belly is growing exponentially at this point. :)

  17. Liz

    So I can’t decide! I definately would have to do a photo card because my poor chocolate lab Milly loves having her picture taken and showing off to all our friends and family. It’s a tie between the Best of the Season and the Festive Holidays. I love the fonts and I love the polka dots! Too cute!

  18. Mariel

    I just love the Night Lights holiday card – it will be so adorable to send a bit of New York to my friends and family around the country!

  19. Emily

    I love the Tree of Joy card and the Joy to the World card. I’m getting married, moving, and buying a home and will need to wish all family and friends a happy holiday for sure. Sign me up!

  20. Kristi Ann & Lacy

    I love love love the “Making Spirits Bright!” I’m picturing my twin sister and I with our new rescued 10 year old golden retrievers Max & Rascal smiling with their silly perfect smiles on this card for our friends and family back home in Texas! Max is such a goofy boy he makes everyone brighten up!Plus!.. Lace & I are in dental school so making spirits bright (like a bright smile!)seems so perfect for a holiday card! We love it!

  21. Tiffany

    I would positively faint if I won this – I love Minted’s cards! I love Winter Wonderland & Vintage Holiday. Crossing my fingers & toes…xoxo

  22. Kristi Ann & Lacy

    I love love love the “Making Spirits Bright!” I’m picturing my twin sister and I with our new rescued 10 yr old golden retrievers Max and Rascal smiling on the card for our friends and family back home in Texas! Max is such a goofy boy he brightens anyone’s day! Plus!..lace and I are in dental school so making spirits bright is perfect because it’s like bright smiles! We love it!

  23. Ira

    What beautiful designs!! So hard to choose! We just got some family photos taken but haven’t seen the proofs yet. I think the photo somewhat determines what card to go with in terms of colors and theme. I’m leaning toward the Vintage Holiday Card by Emma and Oscar, so classic and timeless. Love your blog!

  24. Courtney

    I loooove these cards! I would choose the Snowflake Music Holiday Photo Card: I like the inclusive “Happy Holidays” message and the lovely vintage-esque script. The format would work perfectly with one of our engagement photos (we marry in June 2011), and would provide a sweet way to share that special moment in time as well as warm holiday wishes with our nearest and dearest. Thank you for this opportunity!

  25. Amy

    What a fun post! I personally love Making Spirits Bright, as the blue and red are perfect for the picture I have chosen for our Christmas Card this year – my 3 year old son at the beach playing with a big smile and the bright blue sky, bright green dunes behind him wearing a blue bathing suit with red lobsters on it that goes perfectly with the colors of the card. But if I may say, I think your reader Brianti should be the winner as her choices and post are what the Christmas Season is all about! I’m a true Christmas Sap ;)(cue “Have Yourself a Very Mery Christmas”…)

  26. Kendra

    ohmygoodness ohmygoodness ohmygoodness…I literally squealed with glee when I read this. We did an engagement announcement/holiday card last year with minted and people are STILL asking me where I had them made. They were just. that. cute. This holiday we are getting ready for our wedding in june and I am sad to say we are not doing holiday cards because our budget for such delights is locked away for wedding related goods. Winning these little gems would make my heart skip a beat! My favorite this year is the Merry Candy Stripes Holiday Photo Card. So whimsically sweet.

  27. mary

    I love the Simple Charm Holiday mini photo books- The pictures would be like a short visit with someone far away at the holidays (like sons & new daughters…)

  28. Sara

    I love, love LOVE this website! Thanks for letting me know about it. I would definitely choose the Vintage Typography Poster Holiday Photo card. It’s lovely. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  29. Emily

    We are expecting our first baby just before Thanksgiving and the Nordic Snowlflake holiday photo card would be the perfect way to show him off!

  30. Milk and Honey Home

    OOh….love the one with the three pics on top and one large one on the bottom with black in the middle.

    (By the way, can you email me rates on advertising? I’ve started a little shop and I need some traffic. I love your style & writing. Julie)

  31. Melissa

    I love the Mistletoe Holiday Non-Photo Card. No one need to receive a photo-card of me and my cat this year (or ever)! Thanks for the giveaway! Great website!

  32. Kaleigh

    So many wonderful designs. I really like the Wishing Script Holiday Photo Cards. My fiancée and I are currently looking for a wedding invitation suite, and we may have just found our vendor!! Thanks for the opportunity to win great holiday cards.

  33. Carleigh

    This will be the first year my husband and I send out holiday cards so I am very excited for this giveaway! My favorite one is the modern tree holiday photo card. So simple, fresh and modern. Very us:)

  34. Lauren

    Oh I love them all!! Just this morning I decided that this would be the year I start sending out Christmas card! I’d have to choose the Love and Peace Eternal non-photo holiday card! I love what it says and the bit of fun and whimsy it has!

  35. Kiri Woods

    gallery classic the first one on page one- love the black and white- my kids a re 10 and 13 so it’s more about the card and less about sharing how much they have changed/grown. I saw a card yesterday that text was slaigh bells ring…. love that

  36. Sarah G

    I love the “Winter Chic Holiday photo cards”–enough room for plenty of photos, and the black contrast.
    What a great website!

  37. Juli

    I’m totally going with the love and peace eternal card. how fab.

    But, if I get around to taking a holiday photo, I’d go with the “don’t tell santa” card.


  38. Katie Armour Post author

    Sarah York — I haven’t ordered mine yet, but will be doing so through Minted. Needless to say, I’m ridiculously excited. I am having so much trouble choosing!! xx

  39. Leigha

    I love them all! I would pick the Joyeux Noel photo card. Love the wintery colors plus it has a horizontal photo which is best to show off the faces of my three sweet babies! Fantastic giveaway!

  40. Mary Catherine

    I really like this one:

    I can’t wait to take my family Christmas card picture…since we’re all older now, it’s one of the few times we can all get together, and we always have so much fun! I’m excited :) and I love all of these Mint cards. And your blog by the way. It’s super-fly. Merry early Christmas!!

  41. amy b.s.

    as we don’t have kids and sometimes i think holiday cards with just a couple can be a little strange, i have to say, the reindog holiday card is my favorite alternative.

  42. Jen

    I love the simplicity of the autumn wreath holiday card.

    As the first year that I will send holiday cards together with my sweetie, I love the design of a simple holiday greeting with a beautiful wreath. It’s just the right thing to make people breathe a little deeper, keep in stillness a little longer, and remember the peace of the holiday season. My sweetie makes me remember to do these things, and the card reflects both of us. I especially love the darker green “him” color.

  43. Amanda

    I would pick the Vintage Greetings card because I love the hand-drawn typography!

    And I have to say – I ordered our birth announcements through minted not too long ago, and had a fantastic experience. They turned out beautifully and the customer service was fantastic!

  44. Polly S

    Merry Bright Cheer Holiday Photo Cards

    ‘Merry’ describes the colours of the holiday season as well as the moods. We should use it throughout the year!

  45. Michelle

    I love the “Love and Happiness” cards with the candy-striped liner. Having multiple photo boxes ups my chances of getting good photographs of my three sons!

  46. Wendy

    Oh.MAN. How to choose? i just spent 30 minutes browsing thur just the yearlong holiday cards– how unique! I like Gallery Peace Photo card, I think, the best. LOVE these cards!

  47. Kate

    Oh goodness – what an amazing giveaway dear! I love the red and green striped one – holiday stripes non-photo card. I’ve been eying it for weeks!


  48. Corinna

    what a great source! i LOVE sending out christmas cards! I like the “happy dot” christmas card, “a very merry christmas” photo card, and the “sweet and simple,” among many others!

    now i just need to win a professional photography session with the husband…

    yay for the holidays!!!

  49. Bethany

    My husband and I like the “night lights sf holiday non-photo cards.”
    We just moved to the Bay Area from the Midwest, so this would be a fun way to send our loved ones a little personalized card of our new location.
    We had a hard time picking though! What great site.

  50. Taryn

    I would choose the “Modern Holiday.” I like the mix of traditional and modern, as well as the blue & grey!

  51. Starr

    Katie – what a giveaway! Thank you! It was so fun to browse Minted. and I love so many holiday cards. The one I would definitely get is Woodland Wonderland Holiday Photo Card in Bright Red. XOXO and Happy Halloween!

  52. Breeanna

    What a great giveaway! I would choose the “Holiday Nostalgia Minibooks”… what an amazing way to include more information on a card. I would love to send those out to my family and friends!

  53. Sarah G.

    I absolutely LOVE the “Holiday Delights” non-photo card… is there a sweeter way to wish someone a happy holidays?

  54. Kelli

    There were so many beauties to choose from! I narrowed it down to either the Mittens or Joyeux Noel holiday photo cards. I like the wood grain look behind the letters and the simple message of the mittens card, and I love the hand-drawn, vintage look of the Joyeux Noel card; it looks like something I would doodle. Here’s hoping one of them will be mine!

  55. Carolyn C.

    I love the “sweet tidings” card. I think the unique shape is delightful and that the phrase “sweet tidings” promotes lots of smiles! I don’t have kids yet and really want a beautiful and unique holiday card. I feel like one of these from Minted would be perfect!!

  56. Nancy Hurd

    Katie, I love your blog! We want to send Xmas cards announcing our daughter, Ashley’s engagement to Andreas (wedding Sept. 24, 2011) and our son Brooks’ engagement to Katie (wedding 2012). I love the Joy+Love Holiday Photo card by Trendy Peas.

  57. Megan

    I love Minted. I could spend hours on the site. I love the “Love and Peace Eternal Holiday Non-Photo Cards”. There are sooo many wonderful one to pick between though.

  58. joan

    i love the “we wish you a merry christmas” float+peace design by float paperie. i love that it has a such a classic message with a vintage look that somehow looks very modern as well. i think it’s perfect for a neo-traditionalist!

  59. Kim R.

    katie, i am so excited i saw your giveaway. i read your blog all of the time. i was on minted this weekend and cannot afford their cards on a saty-at-home budget. i can’t decide between the bright, bold graphics and the understated typograhy they use. so awesome! It would be between Holiday Nostalgia and Noel. thanks! kim

  60. Mary Beth

    I love the “Peace, Love and Joy” card that you featured. I just had photos taken of my girls holding a bouquet of cherry red balloons, and I think one of the photos would smashing on that card.

  61. Danielle

    Definitely: “Delicate Flourishes Holiday Photo Cards”

    I have the goofiest picture of myself, my husband, and our 80 lb puppy in a life vest on our boat. The green border and envelopes are stunningly simple and Christmas-y. Even if they aren’t free, these will be my Christmas cards! :)

  62. meg

    I love something simple and sweet – but, also a bit unique, either bright colors or something I have not seen before.
    Our choice right now would be the “A Very Merry Christmas Holiday Non-Photo Cards by Sarah Brown”
    A Holiday card to me is all about good tiding ans this card is full of them!
    It is simple, and since I can never decide what I want to write inside the card – this one is perfect because it says many things I want to say to the receiver already within the design – just cute ! Another plus the customization options are awesome – so we do not have to commit to it just as it is either.

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