Dressed Down Ball Gowns

While I’m not sure that I could actually pull it off, I love how J.Crew has styled their ball gown skirts with casual t-shirts.  I only wish I had an occasion for one!  I just asked Mr. Armour if we could get married again so I could buy another dress…he laughed.  Honestly though, these skirts would be so fun paired with a everything from a sequin top to a cable knit sweater.  Would you ever wear a floor length tulle skirt…?  How would you wear it?  Inspire me!

(above, the tulle crinoline skirt and the layered tulle Paget skirt)

15 comments on “Dressed Down Ball Gowns

  1. kirby

    YES! they haven’t another skirt I was looking at for my bridesmaids. wouldn’t it be so chic to have your maids in a long skirt paired with a fun tank or tee? casual or glam with sequin like you said? I’m totally contemplating this idea!!

    xo Kirby

  2. Vivian

    Love the idea, but this styling makes me think she’s in her hubby’s undershirt and a a shower curtain. Maybe in a different hue – I think it’d be lovely!

  3. Katie Armour Post author

    Chedva — Don’t you miss those days?! I sure do : )

    Shoshana — You should get it and wear it in your wedding and take tons of photos for us! There are so many fantastic tops you could pair with it to make the most unique wedding gown!

    Kirby — Your bridesmaids would love you. So brilliant.

    Vivian — Hahaha, love your honesty. It is a bit dressed down “hip”…for those of us that can’t pull off the just rolled out of bed in hubby’s t-shirt look we’ll have to find an alternative top!

    Ashley — That makes two of us. Maybe paired with something a bit more polished? If only I were as hip as their laid back model… : )

  4. Kit

    I think it could be a beautiful holiday outfit (in a beautiful crimson or emerald green) I would tuck in a very fitted cashmere turtle neck, add strands and strands of pearls and float about the room!

    xo Kit

    I would love to see the white with a beautiful mohair or cashmere sweater on a snowy winter bride!

  5. Virginia

    Yes! Love this for the younger set. I wear mine with a cashmere twin set. I have a charcoaly-steely-silver-gray ball skirt and piled on pearls…felt so comfortable and chic!

  6. kelly ann

    these are SO perfect, i love how simple they are. i want the second one… and then i would pile on the necklace to add a little colour! so fun.

  7. sharon trinh

    i love it! they are so versatile! i could pair it with practically anything and it would be perfect! hopefully i can get one for my winterball and prom :)

  8. Lizzie

    hmm, if I were one of those people walking around for fashion week, i would pair it with a slim fitting tan leather jacket. and a flats. tulle is very fun!

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