Luxe Lampshades

I scored some fantastic pineapple table lamps (they were an ugly brown and I painted them a pretty light blue) at a thrift store last week and am on the hunt for the perfect lampshades. Shades of Light has some of the most fun options, but they’re definitely a splurge.  I’m  now considering buying simple parchment shades and covering them with the same fabric as my curtains (yet to be ordered, but they will be fabulous…).  Have you ever done a do-it-yourself lampshade project?

7 comments on “Luxe Lampshades

  1. kirby

    these are fabulous and would be perfect for a lamp I have yet to find a shade for. I haven’t done my own shade before, but I’m definetly thinking about it since I can’t find a shade I’m likeing.

    I’ll have to send you photos if I do one myself. can’t wait to see what you end up doing. maybe it will give me inspriation to do my own.


  2. Camila

    Super easy to do! Now your favorite interior design sponsor ( ok your only one :) ) needs to know what fabric you are going to use for your curtains.


  3. Kate

    I’ve done a couple of shades with hot glue and some beautiful antique French wrapping paper. It sounds chitszy, but if you use ribbon to cover the seams and edges, no one will know!

  4. Sarah York

    I covered an ugly IKEA lamp shade with a pretty linen remnant, and it was a bit difficult to get it to lay flat, but certainly do-able. I say, if you are even the least bit crafty, you can do it! Then photos please! Pineapple lamps sound like wackadoo fun! Love it!

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