Pug Pumpkin

My iPhone picture quality doesn’t do him justice, but I just had to share a snap of our little trick-or-treater.  Alfred the pug pumpkin!  Mr. Armour and I had such fun walking him around the neighborhood watching the little kids in their darling costumes.  Alfred received lots of laughs.  What did you do for Halloween?  Costumes, candy, pug pumpkins?

17 comments on “Pug Pumpkin

  1. AnneMarie

    Love Alfred’s costume! My little darling went as a spooky witch – they are too much fun to dress up. Check her out on roverdog.blogspot.com (along with a few of her pug friends!)

  2. Heide

    Alfred is so cute. I dressed up at work on Friday and won the work costume contest. But Pug and I did not dress up over the weekend. She has a Pink Pug wig she will wear for about 1 min then she is done with it.

  3. Karen

    It’s a puggin!! I dressed my pug, Oscar, up as a pumpkin last year and carved a pug pumpkin – we had our own little Puggin Patch!

  4. Katie Armour Post author

    AnneMarie — She looked SO cute. Pugs are the best : )

    Heide — Congrats on winning your contest! Alfred was surprisingly comfortable in his pumpkin attire, though I’m sure a wig would have been another story!

    Sweet Nothings — Haha, thank you : )

    Karen — That is the cutes thing I’ve ever heard. I love chatting with other pug owners!

  5. Mariel

    So cute! Can’t believe he let you put it on – I’ve never had good luck with pet costumes.

    We had a Halloween party on Saturday and it was awesome! When random people start showing up you gotta figure you did something right.

  6. Lena

    Katie, this is so cute I stamped my little foot when I saw it! Alfred looks adorable, as do all those new ads on the sidebar!

  7. Susan

    Billy (our yorkie) was a doctor, and we all dressed to match! I was also a doc, and mr. fleurishing wore scrubs. Alfred looks adorable!!

  8. alex

    pugs are definitely on my love list. Your little one especially. I went as a taxi because i found a delightfully tacky taxi sweater at a thrift store the week before halloween. The only problem was, as I walked down new york city streets people kept trying to “hail” me, which, after the 17th time was neither funny nor very creative. Should have written “off duty” on my sign.

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