Punk Rock and Ruffles

I love the balance of toughness and frills in this December Marie Claire feature on actress Leighton Meester.  I almost wish my hair were long again so I could put it in a chic messy bun.  Which are you, tomboy chic or ruffled chic?

(via Dress, Design & Decor)

16 comments on “Punk Rock and Ruffles

  1. Shara

    Love these pictures! Lately I have been leaning more toward the tomboy chic look myself, although with my short hair I need to balance it out with “ruffled chic” too :)

  2. Katie Armour Post author

    Shara — So funny you say this because ever since my pixie cut I’m more wary of looking too “tomboy” as well! Sometimes I feel as though I need more ruffles to balance out my boyish hair ; )

  3. Lacquered Life

    I am definitely tomboy chic … last year I had a very short bob, which is my signature … and now I have let it grow out and its getting long. Wish it looked as good as Leighton’s! I absolutely love her.

  4. kirby

    Love the messy braided bun! a high bun is practically my everyday look. I could switch it up with a braid! I don’t think I’m either tomboy or ruffle… but I guess if I could be one I’d aim to be ruffled chic

  5. Brandi

    Absolutely adore these photos of Leighton. She’s always stunning. I’m definitely more ruffled chic than rocker, though I’d love for that to be the other way around some days.

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