A Romantic Streak

I absolutely adore these romantic images by Candice Lesage of the blog Sense & Sensibility.  The young English student in Paris records her adventures with beautiful photos and describes herself as, “a modern girl with a romantic streak, a dreamer, but she’s not the only one.”  Music to these neo-traditional ears : )

(discovered via daydream lily)

8 comments on “A Romantic Streak

  1. sharon trinh

    I just discovered her through daydream lily too! Her blog is Parisian perfection! Also, I found the images to Emma Watson’s Vogue UK editorial and sent them to you via email. I hope you enjoy them :) Happy Night!

  2. Elizabeth Rose

    My favorite novel of all time! I just found an 1920s version in an antique shop a few weeks ago and had to add it my library. Some classics are too precious to only have one copy :)

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