All Wrapped Up

I adore the simplicity of these black and white drawings by Karen Appleton.  The ribbons looks so lively—I would die for one framed on my gallery wall.  Sometimes understated makes the biggest statement, don’t you think?

Thank you to Pretty Stuff for the introduction to this fine artist!

6 comments on “All Wrapped Up

  1. geri

    i agree! having one of these drawings or paintings would be an asset to any gallery. having one of her pieces would definitely be the gift that keeps giving! you have a talent katie for finding hidden gems! thanks again for providing such an entertaining blog. just brilliant!!! A+

  2. Katie Armour Post author

    Chedva — Do check it out! Her paintings are great as well!

    Geri — You are too sweet. Thank you : )

    Dancing Branflake — It’s a work in progress, I promise to share it with everyone eventually : )

  3. Jordan

    These are beautiful! I always keep gift boxes that are beautifully wrapped & find a way to decorate with them!

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