Belle Baggu

I absolutely adore the selection of handbags and zipper pouches from BAGGU.  They are so simple yet chic and remind me of something my hip French host sister would have toted around Paris (ahhh memories of summer “studying” in France…).  I’m especially smitten with the zipper pouches with polka dots, stripes and elephants—three of my favorite things!  Plus the versatile sizes make them perfect for holding everything from cosmetics and business cards to your laundry while traveling.  Practical and stylish?  Now we’re talking…

9 comments on “Belle Baggu

  1. quintessence

    Cute – speaking of these kinds of European bags, when I lived in Switzerland, I was taught to crochet, as they were into those sorts of traditional crafts, and I made this great expandable bag to take to the market when you went shopping for your daily bread etc. – they were way ahead of us in terms of ecochic. Wish I could find it – it would be so right back in style!! Sorry for the somewhat weird segue – it’s what it reminded me of!

  2. Katie Armour Post author

    Stacey — That is such a great little story. I’m afraid when I lived in Switzerland we didn’t make many traditional crafts…I feel as though I missed out!

  3. Meg

    I love my Baggus! I live in Manhattan, and it seems I’m always toting something, be it to and from work, or the farmers’ market, or just Duane Reade. I just replenished my supply; I now have a full-size elephant, a full-size blue and white stripe, and two baby Baggus, one blue and white stripe, and one navy with white polka dots. They are magic.

  4. Danielle

    Does anyone know who makes the shoes in the last picture I love them! (in addition to the elephant bag!)

  5. Kit

    Hey Danielle the shoes are Swedish Hasbeens! Expensive, but adorable!!! Calypso may have them on sale!

    xo Kit

  6. Jennie

    I’ve got one of their duck bags that I use for trade shows on buying trips for work… saves my life!

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