Kate Spade Thinks Spring

I was granted a sneak peek of Kate Spade’s spring collection and am pleased to report it is nothing short of SPECTACULAR.  Above are just two polished highlights I thought you might appreciate.  Polka dots and straw bags bedecked with big black bows…be still my heart!  The rest of the collection is brimming with bold colors, but we’ll save those little jewels for a later post : )

13 comments on “Kate Spade Thinks Spring

  1. Katie Armour Post author

    Kate — It would be PERFECT for a casual summer wedding dress. I better find a wedding to go to next spring : )

    Alison — So true! It gives us something to look forward to in the cold winter months : )

    S.N.Carpeaux — Cheers to that.

  2. geri

    mint julep anyone! love the polished look of this polka dot dress, and the detail at the shoulder. the bag is a perfect match and that big black bow makes just the right punch! BAM!

  3. Rachel

    Umm I may or may not be absolutely obsessed with the pleating on that dress…And even though it is only now just beginning to be winter, I can’t help but anticipate how fabulous a large straw beach-y bag would be in my closet!

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