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I am SO very excited to announce that this week I’ll be giving away a set of SIX beautiful plates from my sponsor, La Plates.  I have been smitten with the company’s designs ever since they graced the pages of House Beautiful last June and just know you will L-O-V-E their products as well.  While the giveaway is for plates, keep in mind they also make everything from chic cocktail napkins to serving platters and even tote bags—perfect for holiday gifts!  They are also having a special “buy 5 get 1 free” promotion running now through November 29th that I plan to take advantage of.  You simply order 5 plates of the same design and they’ll throw in a 6th for free, no coupon needed.

Back to today’s contest—to enter please visit La Plates and choose which design, colors, font and personalization you would like (all six plates will be identical) and then tell me  your pick in the comments below.  I will choose one lucky winner tomorrow afternoon at 5:00 Eastern Time.  Bonne chance!

UPDATE: Congratulations to my winner, Joan!  I emailed you : )

199 comments on “La Plates Giveaway

  1. Katie

    I’m so in love with all of their offerings! It’s so hard to choose, but I’d go with the orange chevron w/ the navy mono. Or maybe the brown mono…Or maybe the green chevron w/ a navy mono. It’s too hard!

  2. Cait

    What an amazing giveaway!! I wold love to have the light pink gingham plates with a monogram script in navy blue!! SO cute!!

  3. ConvertingMe

    I will tell you how much I dislike you for giving me something else to covet later.

    My pick is the Paisley Plate in navy with an orange Roman monogram ‘C’.

  4. Lindsey

    I love the green squares plate with navy monogram script. We’re getting married in a week, this would be a wonderful addition to our new home incorporating our married initials.

  5. Kirsten Walton

    I am so indecisive so this is not easy…

    So, I would do a gingham plate with a light blue background and an orange circle monograms… kWs

    Love! I have been wanting these for forever!

  6. Courtney P.

    LOVE THESE!! I would do the orange chevron plate with a center square single initial in navy blue.

  7. Kathlyn

    I would choose the khaki argyle with chocolate brown script initial (L). They are all such cute designs! I love them all! Definitely a tough decision.

  8. joan

    I love all their designs-have kept the tear out from that june house beautiful as well. i think my favorite is at the top of your selects. i love the orange chevron with the nave monogram circle (JBS) perfect to feed my boys, 2 1/2, 5 1/2, but stylish enough that i’ll want to use them too. and i’m adding a large orange linen border to the bottom of my white linen curtains. so they would look perfect in our dining room where we eat. they’re so casual but stylish. love them!

  9. Danielle

    Love/need the Greek plates (my last name is Geanacopoulos- must represent the heritage!) with the Monogram script DYG! turquoise background, navy blue font!

  10. Liz

    Ooooh! I would pick them all if I could for myself, but I think the Chevron in Kelly Green with KNH circle monogram in Navy would be the utt for a Thanksgiving Dinner Hostess present for my sister who would monogram her curtains if she could!

  11. Christina Schneider

    Green Squares plate with the blue script monogram are delightful!!

    LOVE IT. Such great gift ideas!!

  12. Rebecca


    I would have to go with Squares Plate with Khaki background, Script Monogram in Navy (RVB)

  13. Nancy Malooly

    I would go with the greek plate with light blue background and a brown NMA circle monogram.

  14. sam

    i’d love the Chevron in royal navy, to go with my the wedgewood plates my mom handed down to me, with a circle monogram. It would be great, since I’m recently engaged to get the monogram with my honey and I’s future initals!

  15. Neva

    What an incredible find! I love all things monogrammed and traversed soho yesterday inspired by your blog to find monogrammed dinner napkins- no luck! What a difficult choice with the plates

    I would choose the orange chevron (or squares?) with navy monogram in block script: NHA.

    Fantastic blog- you have such a lovely aesthetic!

  16. Sarah G.

    LOVE these! Tough choice, but I would go with Squares in navy blue with the Single Initial (G) in center square in kelly green!

  17. amy

    I’m a TOTAL bright color floozie, but the tan zebra with a chocolate intial is SCREAMING at me!!! Single block intial…S
    Love this company!! Thanks for sharing!

  18. Jaime

    light blue squares plate with navy blue center square initial ‘C’ :)
    it’s so hard to choose…it’s fun to play around with the different color combinations!

  19. Lauren Colyer

    Love them all…I think I would go with the orange chevron or maybe the pink and single letter monogram. So hard to choose.

  20. Beth KS

    Am I too late?? Please say no, please say no!

    I have purchased La Plates before as a gift, but truly wanted to own them for myself for so so so long – but plates (even as FAB as these) just haven’t been in the budget for a while.

    I totally and completely swoon for the Greek Key pattern… either the light blue background with a navy monogram or the brown background with orange! Center square with single initial – “S” – for my new married name :)

    Pick me, pick me!

  21. Sarah

    Such a tough choice!But I’d have to go with the chevron plates in the turquoise, monogramed with the script font in navy blue color with the letter “B” for my soon to be last new last name. Thanks Katie!

  22. Carie Wright

    Gingham plate
    Background color: Black
    Font Color: Red
    Center Square with single initial: W

    Ooh…I hope I win!

  23. stacy

    I love the black and white gigham plate with the red script monogram! These are the best plates!
    (Monogram sRm)

  24. Lauren S.

    What an amazing giveaway!! I wold love to have the light pink gingham plates with a monogram script in navy blue!! SO cute!! MSL ( in monogram order)

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