La Plates Giveaway

I am SO very excited to announce that this week I’ll be giving away a set of SIX beautiful plates from my sponsor, La Plates.  I have been smitten with the company’s designs ever since they graced the pages of House Beautiful last June and just know you will L-O-V-E their products as well.  While the giveaway is for plates, keep in mind they also make everything from chic cocktail napkins to serving platters and even tote bags—perfect for holiday gifts!  They are also having a special “buy 5 get 1 free” promotion running now through November 29th that I plan to take advantage of.  You simply order 5 plates of the same design and they’ll throw in a 6th for free, no coupon needed.

Back to today’s contest—to enter please visit La Plates and choose which design, colors, font and personalization you would like (all six plates will be identical) and then tell me  your pick in the comments below.  I will choose one lucky winner tomorrow afternoon at 5:00 Eastern Time.  Bonne chance!

UPDATE: Congratulations to my winner, Joan!  I emailed you : )

199 comments on “La Plates Giveaway

  1. Sigita

    I LOVE the Houndstooth Plates in Khaki – Monogram Roman with Letters ‘STS’ – Just saw these plates recently in a magazine and would LOVE to own a set!

    P.S. I also just bought 2 necklaces from ‘From War to Peace’ the idea behind that project is too good to pass up.

  2. Kristen K.

    oh, how LOVELY. i’m eyeing the paisley plates in purple or turquoise with a single letter K on them in yellow! or maybe just black paisleys with a turquoise K. i’m still thinking about that… :) hard to decide!

  3. Brandi

    Fantastic giveaway! I adore the Paisley plates in black — I’d want the center square with single initial ‘B’ in blue. What heaven they’d be to have!

  4. Lauren

    I’d love the square plates with the center square single initial. I’d go with a kelly green background and navy lettering.

    Thankfully the boyfriend and both have last names that begin with “K” so I wouldn’t have to worry about the monogram potentially becoming obsolete in the future. ;)

  5. Kendra

    Oh, I cannot resist the simplicity of the plain plate. Any color would be fabulous but of course I’m partial to pink. Monogrammed with KWE and it would scream me (literally!)

  6. Emily Swenson Davis

    I love, love, love the Squares Plate in orange with the monogram “CDE” in navy. Amazing giveaway!! Thank you!

  7. Nichole

    How amazing is this?! I would pick the Squares Plates, hot pink background, black print, monogram script “NRM.” I would love to have these plates and to use them for a Sunday Roast dinner party I am throwing 2 Sundays from now! I think I’ll have 8-10 people but right now I only have a seating for 4–how ideal would this be? Love the giveaway!


  8. Liz

    This is awesome! Shout out to @a_lovely_Being for publicizing.

    I love the square plate in navy blue, with the light blue lettering of SMC in monogram script – only because I’m disgustingly obsessed with my alma mater.

  9. Amanda

    These have been on my wish list since I saw them in house beautiful! The squares plate in royal blue is my favorite. I would put on it the square single initial in orange.

  10. Brandy

    I NEED the houndstooth plates with a black background and red monogram script w/ BAB!
    Love these, Christmas present idea – CHECK!

  11. Amber

    You made my day! I have been watching these plates for a year. I will be chanting positive thoughts, “I will win, I will win!” I would easily choose the square plates with Kelly Green and a Navy Script Monogram with CLA.

  12. Stacey

    A friend of mine just ordered some of these plates for her In-Laws and they are beautiful! I would love to have the Squares Plate, white background, navy font, Roman font and my “new” last name initial “M” on them :)
    Great posts btw!

  13. AnnKamps

    These are wonderful!
    I’d totally do the Squares Plate – prepped out with turquoise background, kelly green font- with circle font ATK

  14. Cristina

    I’m crossing my fingers, I would love the Greek Plate in khaki with a script monogram in turquoise.

  15. Patricia

    I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO EXCITED ABOUT A GIVEAWAY. These are on my X-mas list and hope to get a huge array of plates. How fun to fill a farmhouse table with 20 people, use a variety of plates and vintage tea cups. It would make for the perfect ladies brunch, shower or girls night. I adore the Squares Plate in Light Pink, with a Square with a Green “P”. Thank you for bringing this giveaway to your readers!!! :)

  16. Karen

    I have a love affair with paisley, so that was an easy choice. Black Paisley with a light green “g” lowercase in the American font would be to die for.

  17. Katie

    Oh these are so fun.

    I love the modern plate, in navy blue with a circle KCB monogram in orange.


  18. Laura @ so alaurable

    I’M SO EXCITED! I La Love La Plates!

    I’d love the chevron pattern with the navy background and a scrip ‘K’ for my last name. Picking the color of the initial is hard…maybe turquoise or kelly green? I wish I could see a preview of the end result.

    Thanks so much to you and La Plates for the chance! I’m crossing all of my fingers AND toes!

  19. Sarah Bonn

    First of all I LOVE your blog! I’m an interior design student, and I get so much inspiration from your site. And I love these plates! I have seen them on other blogs and I know when I graduate they will be one of my first purchases for my new house. My favorite is the Kelly Green Greek Plate with the brown initial “S” in the American font.

  20. Lena

    Katie, this is too good! I love the plain plate in navy (to match, well, everything in our little place) with the white encircled monogram, that would read JBL-perfect for mixing with our simple white beaded dinnerware!

  21. Kate Paradis

    I love the Chevron plates in orange with a brown circle monogram of CTK!
    These are glorious and would look pretty darn fab in my soon to be new apartment – after my January wedding! :D

  22. Lauren

    Oh I love it! I’d get the squares plate in kelly green with navy monogram script font, with just a single H!

  23. Rachel

    Oh wow! I’d love a set of the Chevron Plates in kelly green with the Roman monogram in navy blue with initials RCC.

    SUCH a great giveaway!!!!!!!!

  24. Whitney

    They are so perfectly preppy! I love these!! If I win – would love the squares plate, background color: kelly green, font color: royal blue, font: monogram script: WTL (First, Last, Middle)

  25. Tiffany

    That was SO much fun! I’ve always loved La Plates so I’m crossing my fingers & toes. I played w/ the ideas as though I was ordering a set for my little girl – I’m dying how cute that would be! I think I’d have to wrap it up as a Christmas present!

    Black gingham w/ hot pink script monogram.


  26. Dana

    These plates are to die for! I absolutely ADORE the orange gingham plates (with a navy blue “DPR” script monogram)! I drool over anything with a monogram, and I can already envision serving BBQ and potato salad on these gems at a UVA football tailgate. J’aime beaucoup, La Plates!

  27. geri

    how much fun is this, and terribly difficult to choose just one! i think the kelly green clover with navy blue script GPS. perfect for an evening picnic at the beach watching the sun go down! yes please!

  28. sarah sugg

    ohh that’s a tough one. i’m decorating my new apartment in navy and green, and i also love nc state red. but, being that my placemats are green, and though i WISH christmas was all the time…

    i adore the plain plate (so practical!) with a navy background and a white circle monogram of ses.

  29. Paulina J!

    Gorgeous!!! I would get the Squares Plate with a khaki background and red letters with a big Roman J.

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  30. Melanie

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these and have always wanted a set! I would do the Squares plate in Orange with a navy circle monogram with M K J (my husband and my monogram)

  31. Ashlei

    I have loved these since they were in House Beautiful! Definitely on my wish list this year. I love the square plate in navy with the square initial “W” in yellow. I’m so tempted to buy them right now, but hubby will kill me if I do.

  32. Morganne

    These plates are super lovely!
    I am absolutely in love with the houndstooth plate in Khaki!These would look perfect in my kitchen! I would get that with my last name Larimer in red lettering in the copperplate font.

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

    peace xoxo

  33. Karen D.

    What a fantastic giveaway! These plates would make a great gift for the holidays… however, if I happen to win, I think I’ll keep them for myself.

    I’d get the Greek plate with a black backgound and Kelly Green font in a single initial “K” in Caslon.

  34. Meegan

    So many wonderful plates! I LOVE the Knots plate as that is mine and my husbands monogram that is shown (and Im obsessed with all things monogrammed)! I would do the background in orange and the font in navy and do the monogram circle! What a fantastic giveaway! Im addicted to your site.

  35. Aleah B

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! I just found your blog and what a great giveaway!

    I’m torn – there are many great patterns – clover, paisley, and squares! I think ultimately I would choose the Chevron plate in navy, with a yellow Center square B initial.

  36. Nicole

    So many beautiful plates! I absolutely adore the plain in navy blue with script Monogram in yellow saying N. So so so hard to choose though!

  37. Sally

    Oh my goodness, I would LOVE to win this one. I am hosting my first Thanksgiving in my tiny NYC apartment, and having these adorable plates would help with my table setting.

    I am having a hard time choosing between the Chevron and Squares pattern, but, either way, I would have light green as the background color with “YUM” in hot pink script monogram on them.

  38. Sara

    What a great giveaway! I absolutely love these plates.

    I would love to get the Squares Plate with a navy blue background with a center square with the single initial “J” in yellow.

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  39. Victoria

    What lovely plates! Just found your blog last week, and can’t stop reading it…

    I would choose the squares plate with a green background and a navy full monogram – so cheery!

  40. mae

    these are a great gift idea!

    i would love the navy chevron plates with ‘mae’ in the circle monogram in yellow.

    crossing my fingers :)

  41. Laure

    I LOVE LA PLATES!!!! They’re so beautiful, I want them all! BUT I am in love with the Greek plate with the Orange background, but I’d love the initial “A” in Brown….so yummy I could eat them up!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  42. Breeanna

    So much of a selection, it look me a while just to decide what I truly like. This is a great giveaway…I absolutely love these plates! I would choose the Vine plate in Red and a black monogram in script! THANKS!

  43. Barbara Stross

    I would love navy blue polka dots with a monogram script in yellow. it would be a great whimsical plate. Thanks for the chance to win these adorable plates.

  44. Kate

    How could I not go with Chevron? Black and white to match my chevron dining chairs! And a circle monogram to boot. Love their stuff!

  45. Jasmine

    These are amazing! I would love Stripe plates with vertical black & white stripes and a Yellow “M” in script.

    This is such a fun giveaway!

  46. Stacy

    These are great! What a fun give-a-way.

    If I had to choose just one……

    Squares plate, Background: Royal Blue, Font Color: Yellow, Center Square with single Initial “W”

  47. Kit

    Wow, how lovely! In a perfect world it would be the squares background, green with a yellow “S” in the center…inside a square!

    xo Kit

  48. Missy

    Oh my goodness, Is christmas coming early?

    i would use these everyday and not have to worry about the kids breaking our china. How fun! I would want the greek key plate in light green with a navy circle monogram “NSW”

    Thanks, I really enjoy your blog,

  49. Priscila

    I love the square plate in kelly green with navy blue and the script monogram! These are so chique!

  50. Shannon

    La Plates is at the top of my Christmas wishlist!

    I would go for a light blue Greek key plate with a navy blue script monogram with the initials “SNK”.

  51. Stephanie

    Wow- great giveaway!! I have been eyeing LA plates for some time now. I would have a really tough time deciding but a set for a casual Thanksgiving would be great (the brown chevron with orange monogram).


  52. Roxy

    Shut up! I literally ventured over there this afternoon and loved all her products so much I just had to tell her so and that I also found her through you! I think it’s fate that I win :) So my pretty plates would go as follows: White and Orange Stripe (or Square!) plate, Vertical stripes, Navy Monogram or Pink Monogram! Too cute to decide between the two..thanks for the chance to win!!

  53. Kate

    The Greek plate, with a royal blue background and a light green circle monogram. They’d be my husband’s (of only 3 months! Yay!) and my own first monogrammed item together.


  54. Lizzie

    So cute! I’ve loved them since that same article :)
    My pick is the Clover plate in light pink, with an orange script monogram. Wooo!

  55. Nicki

    Ahh the paisley is divine! I would love navy paisley with the center square with single initial “G” in hot pink. Traditional with a zing!

  56. angelique

    How delicious! I love the pink and white clovers plate with A&O in navy blue. They would definitely brighten up my dining room! Thank you!

  57. Jenny

    OMG, I would love to win this! I would pick the chevron in royal blue with red text in copperplate just our last initial. Fingers crossed…

  58. Lindsay

    Amazing giveaway Katie! I’d choose the clover pattern in light blue with the center square single initial (S) in light green. Keeping my fingers crossed! xo

  59. Lauren

    First off I love following your blog!!

    This Giveaway is so creative and I am thankful
    for the chance to win these adorable plates!
    I really liked the Squares plate design – khaki background- royal blue font – the center square w/ single initial – “L”.

    Thank you again for sharing with everyone!!

    ♥ Lauren

  60. Taryn

    NO way!! I simply adore these (and anything personalized, for that matter!) I would love to win 6 of the Houndstooth plates (khaki background, with a big red “D” in a center square for my new last name! Red is a total food color, after all…) I have a weakness for anything houndstooth and am so happy you brought these to my attention!

  61. Amanda Helmer

    Soo many adorable choices! My pick is the Greek Plate with a kelly green background and brown “A”.

  62. Renee

    I’ve been drooling over these for a while! I’d love the orange chevron with the circle monogram in navy.

  63. Amelia

    These are so adorable! I would love the Clovers plate with a light pink background and script monogram reading “APM” (in order of first, last, middle) in brown. They’d be perfect for my new apartment!

  64. Lisa Newding

    What a wonderful giveaway! I would love the Royal Blue Gingham plates with Red Script Font reading (CNL)

  65. BAH

    LOVE these plates! I would choose the zebra design in turquoise with the script monogram in hot pink – perfect for my Palm Beach pad!

  66. Shannon

    I love the greek key plate in light green with a turquoise square and my initial in the middle. I just can’t decide if it should be S for Shannon or B for Burke! Also I’m new to your site, but I love it. Thanks

  67. Catherine

    Phenomenal Giveaway! I have been lusting after a set of LA Plates for quite some time now! I would love a set of the chevron plates in khaki with the circle monogram in brown reading CFC.

    Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  68. Sarah

    What an amazing site!!! I would adore the khaki chevron plate with navy blue monogram script “SeS”. Thank you so much for the opportunity and I love your blog!

  69. Becky

    Oops! Forgot to include my pick: The orange chevron with bold cobalt blue monogram would be SO striking on our Hawaiian table! Merci for the fabulous giveaway!

  70. Megan

    This is amazing. I love the chevron and greek key plates with the circle monogram. The colors are a difficult decision.. probably red with black ohhh.

  71. Kate

    Love, Love, Love, LA PLATES. Without hesitation, I would take the chevron plate in pink with a navy circle monogram KHR. Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  72. Sally

    I love the clover pattern in in light pink with an orange circle monogram. Your posts never cease to amaze me. When I need to get my daily creative fill, this is where I come!


  73. kristina

    Perfect giveaway with Christmas & Thanksgiving dinners coming up! So many choices, this is a hard decision! lol..Hmmmm, I think Id go with the Stripes plate! Horizontal brown stripes with a hot pink ‘M’ in a cirle, script font! I am just envisioning these in my head & I LOVE them!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway<3 my fingers are crossed on this one, I want to win!! lol

  74. donnaB

    oh my goodness! it’s so difficult to decide, isn’t it? let’s go with the navy blue chevron and “B” in green/center square. But–I love the “dots” pattern as well… I’ll have to make the decision if I win I suppose!
    thank you so much for having such a wonderful giveaway!!

  75. kristina

    wait wait! Just read the etiquette for monogramming & I want to make a change! lol..Instead of just the ‘M’ for the monogram, I’d like it to be ‘RMK’ in that order! no circle then either! Just had to fix that:) lol

  76. Maggie

    Great plates to show of one’s personality at parties anytime. Would really love to win with a Paisley light green in color, brown text in script with MVG. I can just picture how great it will look on our dining table. THANK YOU for giving a chance to win this awesome prize. All the best to you.

  77. Elsa D

    yesss, thanks for sharing this site. it’s fantastic!!

    I would choose the modern plate style in brown with turquoise caslon font. I’d give this to my boyfriend for Christmas. I think it would be perfect for him if it had “douche” written on it. [He has a running joke with his best friend and they never tire of this name for each other.] My boyfriend would love them and get endless delight each time he used one of the plates!!

  78. Could I Have That

    Love these plates! A definite new obsession and such a great gift idea!

    Absolutely love the Brown Chevron with no text! Plain and simple… with a few orange script monogramed plates with SBH as the text.


  79. Cheryl

    Love, love, love!!! Thank you so much for this give away!!!! I would adore
    The stripe, at an angle, in khaki, with S in Navy Blue.

    Thank you~

  80. Gail

    Oh I love these plates! I would choose the houndstooth in khaki with navy blue Caslon print with our boat’s name – Gail Wins!

  81. Elizabeth C

    What a fantastic site! I’m so glad to have found it! I would choose The plain plate in brown with light pink with monogram script!!!! Beautiful!!!! Please pick me!!!!!!!!!!!! And I’ll order the matching platter ;)

  82. Christina C

    Oh my, these plates are gorgeous! I would be honored to have a set of 6 grace the shelves of my kitchen. I’d have to go with the green chevron print with a navy circle monogram. Love!

  83. Eva Whitney

    How delightful! Nearly impossible to choose, they’re all irresistable. But I would go with the clover design in Kelly green with a navy blue single initial of “E.” my best friend and roommate has the same initials as me and we would adore these plates for entertaining our friends :)

    You’re such a doll for doing this giveaway! La Plates too!

  84. Tasha P

    LOVE the pink plate with the clovers!! So chic. Perhaps with a big R in the middle, or maybe a B. What a great idea! <3

  85. Katie Trout

    I cannot thank you enough for hosting this contest! I absolutly love these plates – I just received a few as a hostess gift, and I am DYING to get these for one of my girlfriends for Christmas! If I am the LUCKY winner, I would love the “Squares Plate” Light blue back ground color, kelly green font, monogram circle. My friend’s Name is Whitney T. K___, so her monogram would read: wTk.

  86. Kate

    Sooo hard to pick. I think I’d go with a navy blue handwriting plate with yellow lettering for my kiddo. I’d go with Luke or LDR. Hmmm…I will contemplate this.

  87. Courtney

    I would choose the blue Greek plate with a navy blue script monogram PCJ. My grandma’s 80th birthday is right around the corner and I think she’d love these! : )

  88. Emily

    They are beautiful! I like the chevron pattern in light blue with a kelly green center square single initial “E”. Thanks for the great give away!

  89. Michelle

    I would pick the plain plates with a black background and the circle monogram in white. The monogram would be MWD and would play up on my maiden name (black) and married name (white) using our married initial monogram. I hope I win!!

  90. caitlin

    ahhh what a tough choice!!! there are just too many options! i would have to settle on light pink chevron with red font – center square with a giant “C”
    thanks for such a lovely giveaway!

  91. Peg

    great giveaway! i would choose the greek plate, in orange, with a navy script monogram (MCH)!


  92. Tessa

    I love the houndstooth plate in brown with red lettering with a big “H” in the center. What a great giveaway, I would LOVE to have these for Thanksgiving!

  93. Jennifer

    These plates rock my world! I NEED the orange greek key with a navy blue monogram (JHB) in script. I am getting married in December and would love to see my new monogram on the plate!

  94. Lindsay

    These plates deserve to be used for breakfast, lunch and dinner…..they would brighten every day! I absolutely adore the hot pink Square plates with kelly green script monogram – L (first) P (last) E (middle)!

    ‘Tis the year of wedding’s in my circle, so thank you for the heads up- what a fantastic wedding gift!

  95. Sara

    I LOVE La Plates!! I do not even have to visit the website to tell you what I would order — the chevron plate in khaki, with an yellow center square P — something fun and funky for dinners on the deck!

  96. Rachael T

    I would LOVE the Squares plates in black with a navy circle monogram RSS. Awesome giveaway- Thanks!!

  97. Kelly

    Oh I love these plates so much and have been wanting a set! I like the greek key in navy with the pink circle monogram. Thanks for the giveaway!

  98. Halley

    Love these plates!!

    Hmm… I’d say my faves are the chevron print in magenta… With the circle monogram in orange! Just a simple W :)


  99. anne

    oh so many great choices! I would probably go with the kelly green chevron plate with a navy circle monogram

  100. Jill

    Oof, I love these! I think I’m actually going to order a serving platter. For a set of 6 plates, though, I would get the plain plate in navy blue with JLJ monogrammed in the circle monogram. Would be super cute in my red-and-blue eat-in kitchen.

  101. Janet

    To quote Rachel Zoe, “I die.” These plates are fabulous! My favorite is the squares plate with the magenta background and black font with “JBM” monogram in script. Those were our wedding colors and the plates would go perfectly in our dining room where we also have a big canvas hung up of our favorite wedding picture. Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  102. Lauren

    It took me quite a while to decide between a few, but I believe that I would most enjoy the Greek Plate with an orange background and a purple Roman monogram. I foresee myself becoming very carried away by these plates when I have a family!

  103. Jordan

    These are amazing! It didn’t take me long to choose which ones would go PERFECT in my little studio. I love decorating my for the most part, neutral setting with a lot of reds, so I would choose the Houndstooth Plate in khaki with a red center square with the initial E for my family’s last name. These would be absolutely perfect for the dinner party we host each Christmas that I usually buy plates for that we NEVER re-use. These would be perfect for years to come!

  104. lindsey

    Awesome, after careful deliberation, I think I would choose the clovers patter, black background, and turquoise center square monogramming.

  105. Melissa

    Ah! What an adorable site! My favorite are the Greek plates with an orange background and navy blue center initial “M”. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  106. maria

    Love the squares plate in navy blue with the script monogram in orange – both my husband’s and my names start with “m” so the script font is perfect for us! Or navy blue with the yellow font – those were our wedding colors.

  107. Katie

    I’m so in love with all of their offerings! It’s so hard to choose, but I’d go with the orange chevron w/ the navy mono. Or maybe the brown mono…Or maybe the green chevron w/ a navy mono. It’s too hard!

  108. Cait

    What an amazing giveaway!! I wold love to have the light pink gingham plates with a monogram script in navy blue!! SO cute!!

  109. ConvertingMe

    I will tell you how much I dislike you for giving me something else to covet later.

    My pick is the Paisley Plate in navy with an orange Roman monogram ‘C’.

  110. Lindsey

    I love the green squares plate with navy monogram script. We’re getting married in a week, this would be a wonderful addition to our new home incorporating our married initials.

  111. Kirsten Walton

    I am so indecisive so this is not easy…

    So, I would do a gingham plate with a light blue background and an orange circle monograms… kWs

    Love! I have been wanting these for forever!

  112. Courtney P.

    LOVE THESE!! I would do the orange chevron plate with a center square single initial in navy blue.

  113. Kathlyn

    I would choose the khaki argyle with chocolate brown script initial (L). They are all such cute designs! I love them all! Definitely a tough decision.

  114. joan

    I love all their designs-have kept the tear out from that june house beautiful as well. i think my favorite is at the top of your selects. i love the orange chevron with the nave monogram circle (JBS) perfect to feed my boys, 2 1/2, 5 1/2, but stylish enough that i’ll want to use them too. and i’m adding a large orange linen border to the bottom of my white linen curtains. so they would look perfect in our dining room where we eat. they’re so casual but stylish. love them!

  115. Danielle

    Love/need the Greek plates (my last name is Geanacopoulos- must represent the heritage!) with the Monogram script DYG! turquoise background, navy blue font!

  116. Liz

    Ooooh! I would pick them all if I could for myself, but I think the Chevron in Kelly Green with KNH circle monogram in Navy would be the utt for a Thanksgiving Dinner Hostess present for my sister who would monogram her curtains if she could!

  117. Christina Schneider

    Green Squares plate with the blue script monogram are delightful!!

    LOVE IT. Such great gift ideas!!

  118. Rebecca


    I would have to go with Squares Plate with Khaki background, Script Monogram in Navy (RVB)

  119. Nancy Malooly

    I would go with the greek plate with light blue background and a brown NMA circle monogram.

  120. sam

    i’d love the Chevron in royal navy, to go with my the wedgewood plates my mom handed down to me, with a circle monogram. It would be great, since I’m recently engaged to get the monogram with my honey and I’s future initals!

  121. Neva

    What an incredible find! I love all things monogrammed and traversed soho yesterday inspired by your blog to find monogrammed dinner napkins- no luck! What a difficult choice with the plates

    I would choose the orange chevron (or squares?) with navy monogram in block script: NHA.

    Fantastic blog- you have such a lovely aesthetic!

  122. Sarah G.

    LOVE these! Tough choice, but I would go with Squares in navy blue with the Single Initial (G) in center square in kelly green!

  123. amy

    I’m a TOTAL bright color floozie, but the tan zebra with a chocolate intial is SCREAMING at me!!! Single block intial…S
    Love this company!! Thanks for sharing!

  124. Jaime

    light blue squares plate with navy blue center square initial ‘C’ :)
    it’s so hard to choose…it’s fun to play around with the different color combinations!

  125. Lauren Colyer

    Love them all…I think I would go with the orange chevron or maybe the pink and single letter monogram. So hard to choose.

  126. Beth KS

    Am I too late?? Please say no, please say no!

    I have purchased La Plates before as a gift, but truly wanted to own them for myself for so so so long – but plates (even as FAB as these) just haven’t been in the budget for a while.

    I totally and completely swoon for the Greek Key pattern… either the light blue background with a navy monogram or the brown background with orange! Center square with single initial – “S” – for my new married name :)

    Pick me, pick me!

  127. Sarah

    Such a tough choice!But I’d have to go with the chevron plates in the turquoise, monogramed with the script font in navy blue color with the letter “B” for my soon to be last new last name. Thanks Katie!

  128. Carie Wright

    Gingham plate
    Background color: Black
    Font Color: Red
    Center Square with single initial: W

    Ooh…I hope I win!

  129. stacy

    I love the black and white gigham plate with the red script monogram! These are the best plates!
    (Monogram sRm)

  130. Lauren S.

    What an amazing giveaway!! I wold love to have the light pink gingham plates with a monogram script in navy blue!! SO cute!! MSL ( in monogram order)

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