Packing Tape Art

This series of gigantic chairs created with masking tape on plexi glass by artist Mark Khaisman absolutely blow me away.  Mr. Armour loves them too and we’ve decided that “someday” we are going to track one down and buy it for our home.  Fingers crossed…

6 comments on “Packing Tape Art

  1. geri

    wow! i love people! wouldn’t you just love to sit down with this man for a hour and pick his brain. what was his inspiration? was his craft deliberate or by chance? why masking tape? easy to work with or all that he had? we live in such a great and entertaining world don’t we! have a great day katie! you got an early start!

  2. geri

    hey katie, take a look at the online magazine covet garden. there is an article about dennis reid. you are going to fall hard for his library! also, check out the cool typewriter gifts for your hubby… some fun xo cufflinks!

  3. mae

    last year i was lucky enough to see these up close at my work’s gallery (urban outfitters home office) they are absolutely amazing! thanks for sharing :)

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