Mega Watson…

Okay, I promise not to gush about the chicness that is Emma Watson any more this week, but I just had to post these photos from her British Vogue feature.  Do they not scream Jean Seberg in Breathless?  I need to go out on the town this weekend so I can channel her eye make-up in the first shot.  Absolutely, positively smitten.

(via Pop Bee)

12 comments on “Mega Watson…

  1. Lena

    You both scream Jean-love these photos! Can you imagine not being allowed to cut your hair as a teenager? No wonder she went for such an amazing, edgy style once she was finally free!

  2. Mariel

    Ha, I did the same thing when I finally stopped ballet. No more buns! Off with the hair!
    Love these pictures of adorable Miss Watson.

  3. stephanie

    her eyes are amazing with this cut. always thought she was cute but i honestly never considered her beautiful until now.

    wish wish wish i could pull this look off.

  4. Becky

    LOVE this. She totally looks like Jean Seaberg meets Mia Farrow meets Twiggy. Perfection. If you figure out how to do that eye makeup, make us a tutorial, will you?


  5. Katie Armour Post author

    Stephanie — I know what you mean…I think the cut accentuates her lovely bone structure : )

    Becky — I’ll give it a try, but might feel ridiculously silly posting a tutorial. I’ll let you know! xx

  6. Starr

    Contractually obliged…I would cut my hair too after 9 years of that. Especially at her age. I think she is perfection. Gorgeous, smart, spunky and really really interesting.

  7. Sam

    So gorgeous! She must be thrilled to get to do whatever she wants now, appearance-wise. I can’t wait to see how her look develops over the years!

  8. ET

    She’s so glam. This is a real starlet. I love her with the short crop (and love her boldness for doing it).


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