Spring is in the Air

Style.com uploaded the entire J.Crew spring collection today and I just about died when I saw it.  I love the pops of color and how they’ve managed to make fall trends like sequins transition into warmer weather.  Plus, the orangey coral lipstick is fantastic—we’ll have to find out the exact shade they used!

25 comments on “Spring is in the Air

  1. Christina

    Yes, please let me know when you find out what shade lip color it is. I saw this on Habitually Chic yesterday and was hoping for more pics! How amazing are the ruffled shorts?

  2. Modern Traditionalist

    Can I just vent for a second? I have traditionally loved J.Crew and most of my wardrobe has their name adorning it. Call me old, but lately I feel as if their style has become a mishmash, a hodgepodge for what looks to be disheveled magpies. While I can see a few glimmers of hope in individual pieces, the overall “look” is uninspired. Why the messy hair? I don’t aspire to that. I guess my standards are set too high when it comes to fashion, especially when J.Crew’s prices continue to skyrocket. Why would I buy something from a slob?

    Rant over. I’ll just slink back into my old lady cave and have a cup of tepid tea.


  3. Hana

    OH. MY. As I was scrolling down I was thinking, “I really hope this is an affordable line because I want to wear every single outfit.” JCrew just keeps getting better. Thanks for sharing… something cute to look forward to through NYC winter! xo

  4. Katie Armour Post author

    MT — You make me smile with your little rant! No need to apologize, it’s allowed. I think it’s just a matter of personal preference. I personally like my hair a little “messy” or shall I say, disheveled. It reminds me of the chic women in France that always look lovely, but in a sexy, rolled out of bed and never try too hard sort of way. J.Crew certainly isn’t channeling the “polished” look at the moment. They’ve been shying away from their history of the basics and mixing things up a bit. I like it, but I know it’s not for everyone. Thank you for being honest! xx

  5. Alexandra

    It’s a little depressing to think about springtime while I brace myself for the first winter storm, but wow. I love it. Especially the fourth one on the left. (Oh, to be out of college and have a real job so I could afford clothes like this! :) )

  6. Sarah

    Oh my goodness Katie! I am in love! J. Crew just keeps upping their game – even in the way they style and showcase each piece. Thanks for sharing these. xo

  7. Lydia

    I so want the last outfit for Thanksgiving dinner with the family, long sequined skirt with a chambray blouse, it’s the perfect casual/dressed up look

  8. Mary Grace

    The lipstick is Nars Heat Wave!

    And this collection makes my heart flutter, as does all of J.Crew. I especially adore the cream silk dress on the girl with glasses (like mine!) and oxfords. So simple and chic.

  9. Katie Armour Post author

    Mary Grace — How did you know that?! I LOVE YOU! And so jealous of your glasses…I may just have to be a complete poser (20/20 vision, sigh) and buy a pair of my own! : )

  10. Sara Kate

    OY. I am a visual employee for the Crew, and so it becomes harder and harder not to acquire absolutely everything I love. It seems to be getting more difficult with each season, and by the looks of next season I shouldn’t be expecting a paycheck. Thanks for sharing these FABULOUS images.

  11. Rachel

    I just love all the high waisted looks! I know it’s technically winter but I can’t help but think ahead to spring… and the 95 degree weather outside isn’t helping. Wish these were available already!

  12. Kit

    I have to agree with Lydia, I think that long sequined skirt/chambry shirt combo is sooo fantastic! I do think the not so perfect look = perfection!!!

    xo Kit

  13. quintessence

    I’m with Lydia and Kit – LOVING the chambray shirt with sequined skirt. And i not only love their clothes, I love all their collaborations with artists and musicians!

  14. Sarah York

    I love all of these looks. Can I live in the world of J.Crew? The lipstick is a must. Bravo for wearing this for your wedding Katie! Such a trendsetter! :)

  15. Katy

    SPRING?!! I am still shopping for the perfect winter coat! (Any suggestions?) Although I do love, there are a couple months of winter left (it sleeted here this morning)before I can even think about the pink shorts! hehe

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